Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Hello Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

I’d like to welcome you back to this Internet marketing blog designed to protect your business. Education is everything. What you later learn can save your life. What you may not know can cost you. Here’s one example. Protect your identity online.

Something that really bugged me when I first came online was:

1) Who to trust?
2) How can I trust?
3) How do I back this trust and build trust with others online?

It’s not easy answering these questions so I’ll tell you what I did.

SOLUTION) I Googled Mike Young, Internet Marketing Attorney and joined his newsletter.

You will see very powerful, supportive information on Mike’s website.

SOLUTION) I purchased Mike’s website software to make sure that any websites I created for any businesses (or for myself) would have everything legally covered on those websites.

I tell you outright that I have a team of two powerful guys I outsource work with. I spent 5 years paying for connections, assessing those relationships, and picking only the most educated resources. My SEO guy is a former attorney turned Internet Marketer. My website guy works with the attorney directly. My ad copy guy (professional print you read on websites) is a very prevalent and successful Internet Marketer online.

SOLUTION) I read a lot of content on identity theft.

Here are 2 recommended freebies I can recommend —


I talked about this in another post. I add it here again. I think I spent $25 on it. It has saved my life. It encrypts all log-in information you use to go to any website.

2) Trusteer Rapport

I obtained this directly from E-Bay. It is a free download. What this software does when you download, install, and run it is green code every website you approach. These are financial websites you browse or conduct banking with/on, social websites you build under your name (Facebook, Twitter, Delicious to name a few), and any place you purchase goods or services from.

When you install this software, it asks you to protect the websites you use most. It runs on the back end of your computer quietly notifying you of your whereabouts. For example, if I log into my Facebook profile page, the software will tell me WHY I have to protect this social website. It lists specifics I obtained directly from the software such as:

Firefox Adobe Flash Plug-In is not up to date.

Risk description:

Adobe Flash Firefox plug-in displays rich media, such as Shockwave files. Over the past year, several security issues have been found in Adobe Flash, rendering it an attractive platform for attackers for taking control over the browser remotely.

Recommendation for improvement:

Launch Firefox, Download the latest flash player from Adobe .
For the latest flash player updates, launch Firefox and navigate to [link], click the “Notify me when an update to Adobe Flash Player is available” check box.

Windows Auto Update Is Disabled

Risk description:

The risk of the Windows Auto Update being disabled is described in [link], as follows: “Microsoft operating system updates are releases of new software that upgrade, add features to, and protect Microsoft Windows, the software that runs your computer. […]Important and high-priority updates are critical to the security and reliability of your computer. They offer the latest protection against malicious online activities.”

Recommendation for improvement:

Turn on automatic updates by following the instructions in the following sites:
For Windows XP SP2 and above: [link]
For Windows Vista: [link]
For Windows 7: [link]

Internet Oracle Explorer Java Active X is not up to date:

Risk description:
Oracle Java ActiveX is an Internet Explorer plug-in that runs java applets. Over the past years, several security issues have been found in Java Run time Environment, rendering it an attractive platform for attackers for taking control over the browser remotely.

Recommendation for improvement:
Launch Internet Explorer, navigate to, download and install the latest java version.

And the list goes on…usually including about 5 items worth checking. One of the things you want to do as you move online is provide the public with valuable help protecting their identities! This is a major service to others. You can teach them “How to Avoid Phishing Scams” as they’re surfing your website. You teach them not to open emails from those they don’t know. You teach people to look for the golden lock inside of a browser window (https)…meaning secure. The best websites …like USAA have 2 golden locks…1 located at the top of the left-hand side of the screen…and one golden lock located at the bottom of the screen right-hand corner.

I will always strive to bring you the best possible content, truly serving your highest needs. I would ask that you do the same for others, as you learn what’s here.

Toasting Your Online Business Success!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

(NOTE: This blog is under development. I will have more connectivity in place soon. For now, I’m just getting important content in your hands. Whatever you do…, when you surf websites, make certain you have these 2 things in place. It will help you sleep at night. If I come across tools which I later find out to be ineffective, I will publish an immediate business update.)

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