Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Hello…Hello Dear Friends and Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

I’m forming a quick post to give you an interesting update.

I’m not sure if you can read the replies to incoming messages…, but in the event you’re booked tightly for time, I’ll give you a quick heads up.


The reason for Internet marketing is:

1) Get the word out FAST…

2) Attract people to your messages….

3) Do it using your mind, you passion, your natural life experience, and your efforts.

When you’re first setting up content leading to articles, and messages that target people within a specific niche (segment), the lingo has to be written just right. If I talked about specialty stockings to bikers, you would hear nothing but crickets…or worse…laughter! BUT…, if I talked about beer, wild livin’ women, bike helmets, and tattoos…well there you go. You’ve got buyers…, and they’re clammoring to hear more of what you can offer…., and better still…they’re happy to turn over their $$ ! That’s what the right marketing does.


No matter what you do as an occupation, chances are very great that you haven’t really stumbled onto the things that really trip your trigger. If you have — then you’re way ahead of the masses. In that case, then you need a solid website with strong messages … a place where you can offer a FREE consultation…and a contact number…then you need visibility, strong traffic, and people ready to call you.

So once you know who you are targeting…20 – 28 year old women who want straight teeth, do you think In-vis-i-line (clear braces) will sell? Sure! …Whether you’re selling dog food to overweight dogs (another major industry), or whether you’re a sedation master (as is the case with one of our Florida dentists on this blog…hi there!)…, or whether you’re a master at cleaning carpet stains….

The Right Marketing Sells


The best marketers know what to say…when to say it…

They’re very patient…

And here what they’re really good at doing.

They know how to make small business phone ring when doctors, lawyers, and attorneys aren’t quite sure how to do that!

I hope this message is sinking in. So…it’s not the fanciness of a website. It’s the print…it’s a sexy photo of some “cute” surgeon…or a “gorgeous nurse” ready to hold your hand before you get your tooth pulled. The print in this latter case is “gentle sedation”…”easy recovery”.

It’s the wording on a website that pulls the specific audience into your message.

Then…it’s the promise of a fix for a nasty pain….like toenail fungus…and “fast relief” for “burning, lifting toenails”.

I’ll give you another example.

I’m playing over at Facebook….testing some messages from the heart. These are things that I’m thrilled talking about…from a true place. Two months ago, I never would have suspected that something amazing on the planet is happening right now….,


If you head to Facebook…and enter Barbara Brinkmeyer…then add me as your friend, you will see a few crazy things unfolding there.



What’s the first topic about? As the name suggests. Does it really exist? Small numbers of people on this Earth say it does. I’m having these crazy (in-my-sleep) experiences showing me that something unusual at the heart level is happening when one spends more time working on unconditional, non-judgmental love. BUT…, I’m writing about things I’m learning firsthand.

It’s no different for you. Look at the things you’re presently experiencing. Look at it from very down-to-earth places…and see how it will fit into your overall progress. Life happens at slower-than-we’d-expect paces…and it’s all meant to bring you into a far better place. As our minds focus on 1 year, we don’t tend to see how it might fit together from a larger perspective. Internet marketing pushes you to look at your life from a longer time-line….5 years, 10 years…15. Everything you’ve done applies and is meant to take you into your “perfect” occupation.

The second topic…I adore. It’s the reason for this Word Press site. On the back end of marketing….man…it’s really brainy. It’s also very easy when it’s done “just right”. So if you are an intellectual, and you are looking for an occupational extension of things you already do in life, Internet marketing is powerful. I’ve discovered in 6 years that Internet marketing pulls in everything you’ve ever been, done, and can do. You can use any skill you already have, blend with your prior past experiences, and create a very unique “slice of heaven” for yourself. It’s amazing.

I have the ability to work from home…but I blend offline marketing with this online build a steady steam of leads wanting to know more! That’s a major hint. I keep a part-time day job going because I also like community interaction, I can network, and help people in different ways. So with Internet marketing, I can teach, heal, lead, follow, guide, and inspire. Are you following me? When you focus on the essence of what you want from your “ultimate job”…pull in emotions related to well-being. Insights will come to you daily but you have to focus on taking steady action, growing the belief in yourself that more will come your way…when the time is best and right for all.

With Internet marketing, it is a major way to expand your market reach. If you’re a brick-and-mortar business owner and you need more clients with teeth (because you’re in cosmetic dentistry), the Internet makes it possible for you to get massive, massive exposure compare to dentists who are not online.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you can publish! I teach e-book marketing..something that can be applied to the back end of any individual’s campaign so that you can write your own sci-fi novel…price it yourself, attach pay buttons to your website…and set the price for $1! Doesn’t sound like much…but what if you had an audience of 50,000 and you moved 30,000 copies in 9 months?

Are the wheels turning? No more publishing houses …taking 95 % of your proceeds. Online, you keep nearly 100% of the proceeds, and that’s the part major companies don’t want to promote. Why should they? They’re reaping massive profits…and they’re teaching you to fear the Internet. The best word I can share at this time is “Direct Response Marketing”. Be careful. If you Google this word…you might pull up a bunch of gurus wanting to sell you systems “cornering you in their systems”.

The folks I work with do NOT do this. I/others I know maintain that you should and must maintain your own website…hosted under your own domain…stored on your baby hosted (web hosted) package. I will tell you that Hostgator is pretty good. I’ve had some challenges with GoDaddy. 2012 Web Hosting is fine.

So again…with Internet marketing applied to YOUR NAME, you get to keep the entire cut! If you pull in affiliate marketing, I will never recommend resources that only pay out a measly 5%. I will ask you to look for sources that pay out 60% or more.

You can apply online success offline too!

There are no limits. The digital age is here and companies are freaking out.

I’ll stop there for now.

Stay tuned. I’m still connecting things on this blog that make it more functional and workable for you, so please check back often. I’ve written more about website traffic…, keyword research, how you configure things so that hosting works, how you set up your communication devices to get the word out…and much, much more.

My Facebook page is developing (Internet marketing). I’ll have more social sites connected soon enough. As a bonus for you, feel free to check out . It’s a new social site that you might want to add to your own marketing arsenal…but keep this one quiet. On the back end of my system, we have a NEW place where you can actively submit articles and get them indexed…without all of the competition. Dump e-zine articles. They’ve created real trouble for business owners needing real leverage.

Oh…and one more thing. I constructed a recommended resource listing (index) for you so that you can look at some of the stuff I’m talking about on this blog. My resources lead to one offer…the Internet marketing education, but I’m looking for ways to bring you some extremely valuable reports that are individually separated from the whole library.

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer

Feel free to post your comments/suggestions. I am open as always to bring you the best help possible!

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