Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

In today’s post, I’m going to talk about full transparency in your online marketing. Whether you’re marketing ice cubes to Eskimos…or moving pink tutus to elephants, it makes no difference. Marketing is marketing. There are basic steps you use offline and there are basic steps you use online.

The goal of this blog and other related websites appearing over time are designed to these things —

1) support a newly emerging consciousness in both marketing and business

2) help you get what you need in a timely manner

3) attract to this arena the highest, most ethical players.

If you’re looking for shortcuts, this blog won’t be for you.

If you’re sincerely after changing your reality in ways you never thought possible, this blog IS for you.

We’ll Use Cosmetic Dentists

Let’s focus on one niche to clarify major points I’m conveying. What’s the first goal for any business? Our cosmetic dentist here knows. He knows that if he can increase his business in unlimited ways, he’s going to be very abundant. Correct?


The same reality applies to each of you. In this Word Press blog, I will always strive to uplift you and show you your true power. Who you have been raised to think you are is the opposite of who you really are (extremely powerful and very wise).

How does your true self or power fit into marketing transparency?

In every way imaginable. Bear with me. It’s extremely important that I make this point.

To be successful online or even offline, you must be willing to master energy. Money and abundance are really only essence…and energy.

You give something and ask for something in return. We usually call this exchange your time, valuable skills, and energy given so that the world can offer you money.

My job (and our lovely cosmetic dentist) are here to show you that you are worth millions already! You just haven’t been told so.

Now…, if you believe that much to some degree, your battle is half over. In your marketing, your primary interest must be serving others well.

In the best of marketing circles, I will teach you to consistently under-promise…but over-deliver. The top 1% of all successful businesses do this.

Whether you move bicycles or books, this golden rule will serve you well. My biggest job will not be to show you HOW TO’S of Internet marketing…although this network is designed to do just that. We are also here to reshape energy in highest ways so that you can become your all!

The community that is drawn to this blog is MOST unique. You are a mirroring of me. I am a mirroring of you. What you learn here represents a new energy…at a new time…called the emerging New Economy.

Full Transparency In Business Is Everything

So let’s imagine that you’ve found me offline and you’ve met me in person. I stand very tall…nearly 6 feet in high heels. I’m smiling at you, and I’m asking you what you want from life.

Chances are, you’ll say…”Barbara…I want my own thing”.

So…our cosmetic dentist is telling…as he’s standing next to me…”You’ve already got it. You just haven’t created it yet”.

That’s why you’re all here. You see what I’m doing on this blog, and you naturally want to do the same thing.

So…the larger question is — if we learn to be fully open about the types of services/products we’re promoting and pricing and ultimately being paid for, how does being transparent build customer loyalty?

Shortcuts Never Work

I’ll appeal to your stronger sense. You know that one of the reasons why this global economy could improve has much to do with the fact that well…some folks might be more respectful in business and in play than they have otherwise been.

If you’re reading this message, chances are very great that you see NOW that much must change. It’s also true that if you’re in agreement with more of what I’m saying (although you don’t have to be), then it stands to reason that I’m also in touch with other online marketers who believe in the same thing. If we all grab hands, work together productively and honestly, we will be very abundant. There can be no greed here. I work with you, you work with me…we work for each other.

You would be correct.

I am here to help you reprogram the notion that the Internet isn’t safe….because it is…when you hold the right intention, maintain a positive attitude through thick and thin, and take a right-minded action.

It’s key that these points are well made.

New Economy Living

To support the contention that clear and obvious marketing upholds greatest community value when all players involved will support win-win business, I ask you to take these matters to heart.

We all want a better world.

If you motivate for the highest purpose to offer very high quality services, products, and outstanding value, then you are in the right place at just the right time.

Everything we tap into in this community will be designed to support your highest good.

How Does This Mindset Apply To Me?

Those of us who have already been working on your behalf are shifting the Internet. We demand a better way. We know that the old consciousness will not look out for us…so we’re taking direct action.

This means…that as you learn what’s here, you will be asked to only do what’s in the highest interest of your business and your community.

That means that you’re joining a very unique Vanguard!

Congratulations. You found us. We’re proud to join you here! YOU ARE EXTREMELY UNIQUE. YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NEEDED, AND YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL.

I will thank our cosmetic dentist for allowing me to share his wondrous work in this world as a very high example!

Where Can This Transparency Take You?

Okay…, so here’s the short version. If you always lookout for the greatest outcomes, it stands to reason that you will only attract and draw to you amazing abundance.

It means that your disclosure is full. People are informed. Consumers have a happy experience, and you deliver willingly but openly. That’s the essence of what we’re tackling here…today.

We move forward when others here understand that the Golden Rule Must Be Upheld.

It will serve you extremely well.


If you water down your energy and spell it out in …say highest ways like life purpose…and helping others feel great about themselves, the world will return this kind in full like.

A fundamental core truth is — that the Universe is Safe and Friendly

Societies, families, organizations, and companies have …well…inadvertently taught people that the world is not safe.

I’m not sure why we’ve swallowed this pill…but in the New Economy Consciousness, we have to pull in new forms of inter-play, rebuild trust, develop long-standing customer loyalty, and validate one another.

It’s common sense.

Who I Work With Online

If you’re at all like me…and I figure you are because you’re still here, you have a very high awareness level about who you want to be, who you see yourself as being, and where you want to go. I would expect that…in natural time…your web presence will support you well!

You are not satisfied with average. If you under-charge, you shut down the flow of an abundant economy. If you feel that by doing so …you will lose business and you’ll lose customers, the opposite will happen. You will cut the natural flow of profit coming to you because the world wants to give to you. When you learn to ask for what you’re worth, and you value what you love to naturally do, you will have buyers. I will work on this aspect of self-worth often. It’s very important that we maintain a natural balance in your work.

As I check the emails on this side of the screen, I see everyone. I will testify that some AMAZING people are here. You are joining a wondrous crowd…and it’s no coincidence.

Your being here has real purpose and active meaning. It does not matter how simple your services/products are. Every person on this Earth has a major contribution to make. It might involve raising children. It might involve teaching others to value themselves better (through active healthful living), it might involve showing others how to set up a credible website …, it might involve healing someone. Whatever it is, I’m here to help you identify this highest purpose. Chances are…, you will not be asked to handle more than you can manage. You can baby step your way into success…and you can take it at your pace !!!

So if you’re okay with what I’m saying thus far, how do we build your online presence…not only proactively but thoroughly?

We Do It With Full Disclosure

That means — any question you ask, there will be a direct answer. If I go through my network of pros to bring you what you require, we will find it…or research it. If it’s outdated technology, we’ll tell you so. If it’s outmoded thinking, we’ll tell you so. The point is — I will never knowingly falsify any content. I will tell you how it is. If I make a mistake on any fact or resource, I will tell you so and rectify the moment.

Please Know

There are powerful forces at work…, and they are absolutely good. Your highest purpose in wanting to reach the masses online will reveal that you are a master already, or you are a master in the making.


My job is to show you how masterful you can be when you apply Internet marketing the correct way.


Who’s Here Already?

We have 65…with more comments coming from me, in response to you. This blog is visible. More will find it as they note their interest.


How Do We Get You Moving Forward?

One step…baby steps…consistency. This is very important. When you form one post, you create a post on one page. Some days pass where you will not write anything, and that’s okay too. Then…when the highest urge or passion hits you, this is your true self saying…”now…take action”. You will form another post..and another one. That’s when people will appear….and they will come to you.

In this New Economy…, yes…corporations are nervous because they know the true powerhouses are coming.

They are already here.

We dedicate ourselves to individual success so that you can independently live your life in ways you deem most profitable, honorable, and honest.

The shift is about empowering others in best ways.


The Internet Is Evolving

If you know a little bit about the online environment, you may have noticed that Google is changing so fast. Technology is changing so fast. What worked 2 years ago may not apply well today.


What’s Happening Behind This Blog

Major powerhouses are working to integrate the marketing for you. It is not so evident right here, but it’s happening.


We want the best for you. I will ask you to also want the same thing for yourself. To reprogram old thoughts holding you back, the biggest one is —

1) Asking for pay in return for your services/products. This part means that you first connect with people, build their trust, ask them what they want, then deliver. It takes a bit of time before people trust you enough to pay.

Our cosmetic dentist here knows how valuable he is. I know my inherent worth. I want you to feel the same way. You cannot be anything less “just because” by you being you, you are already priceless. There is only one you. If anything happens to you, the world will miss out. That’s where your skills, abilities, joys, hobbies, and interests apply.

2) What you ask for in return from others should not be under-estimated.

Is it possible to make a living loving what you do? YES.

3) Can I do this within a reasonable period of time?

It depends. Most times…, if there’s a slowed surge of pay, it’s because you are asked to re-adjust your energy so that you can better serve the masses.

4) How does this happen?

It comes from within…from your most powerful self…the self that has answers.

This self is found when you are most calm and peaceful. Your abundance is connected to your ability to remain calm (even when under pressure), to deliver quality, reliably, consistently.

5) So how do I get paid online?

We teach you what we know works. You learn and apply. Then…, as you break through old thought barriers, you begin to see what’s real — your success.

6) How long does this take?

It varies. Some people start to see results right away, but more commonly, most have to work through limited thoughts. When they do this, they will see rapid changes in their lives.

7) How precisely does this happen?

It starts with you believing in yourself. You have been taught by society and old belief systems to look outside of yourself for the answers, but the truth is…that only you can change your reality for the better.

8) So why do I consult with an outside source?

Let’s say it’s Barbara…one source…or another…, the one time that it’s appropriate to ask for help is when you are first learning a new skill-set. As you build skills, then it’s time to go within to ask your true self to help. You can actually do this and it will work!

9) What do we teach you?

We teach you something companies DO NOT want you to know. We teach you independent fishing so that you can thrive and live on your own, with the hopes that you will pass along this knowledge. We ask you to pass this knowledge along with only the most ethical people.

10) Why…? What makes this information so special?

That’s where transparency in marketing comes in handy. When someone finds your website, they will ask you…”Yeah…but I want X and you are promoting Y”. How come?

We ask you to be consistent. If you are promoting pink tutus for circus elephants, you will only move those products with ring masters. You won’t sell a tutu to a mouse. The mouse won’t need it. So if you follow what I’m saying here, then you’re in.

11) You become your own business owners — outright.

You will not need a corporation to give you a website. You will own your business as it taps into a stream of energy, with purchasers ready in hand to buy what you offer.

12) If this is settling fine…okay…Barbara…I see what you’re saying? Why would you open this door?

Because…it’s time. The world demands a better way.

13) What do I need to get started?

A) a website of your own…not corporate…where it only advertises your business and your name

B) a blog that adds weight to the website

C) a system that’s connected to the website and blog on the back end

D) things and concepts to move on the back end.

14) “I’m not clear Barbara, me more.”

You become your own list builder and list owner….you know…that list that tells you emails and names of everyone coming your way? Ahhh…now the fog is lifting.

15) “What does this mean, precisely”.

A company does not own your contact list. You own it outright.

That’s the truth and the whole truth, completely revealed. There are people turning in their graves by me teaching you this fact.

It is fact. You…as an individual were meant to be free…by fact of your soul. This is a core truth no decent person will argue. The key here is decent. Anyone full of two cents of real self-worth will never steer you wrong. Anyone who will — doesn’t value who they are. That’s why I ask only the best of people to come to this blog. We promote clarity in marketing, and that’s what Google demands. So we give it to them. You won’t see me talking about wooden violins on this site. It doesn’t apply as a sale …unless we’re talking about how to market a wooden violin to a violin playing audience. Follow me?

16) ” How do I build my own list of contacts?”

It is connected to your website, your blog, and a communications device.

Now companies are turning over …well…not yet in their graves..(not that I wish that for anyone) because I love my fellow man. AND…, The cat is out of the bag!

I’ll stop there. You must have time to digest what I’m saying.

The essence of what is here is that we teach you to —

A) advertise yourself using your own sweat
B) work with others in a qualified network
C) learn what to say to attract willing buyers
D) promote what makes best sense on the back end of your front end message.

Last Note: What Is The Catch?

You can hire outsource the work and save major time…OR you can learn it and apply it…OR you can do both. You do NOT have to spend a ton of money to get it. You work for the skill set.

You do NOT have to work with people you DO NOT trust or even like.

You can pick and choose those you trust most.

You should consider gaining access to the right information that we know works. If you haven’t grabbed my free marketing coursework, here’s your chance. It is located on the front page of this blog. Fill out your contact information. It is secure and confidential. Just get it…see what it entails…use it…apply it…and you will be amazed at the results you’ll generate. It will take work. It will require sweat and a bit of effort. it can be hugely fun. It will meant that you are interacting with people at times where you might prefer to rest (and you can when you are effective). We tap into the power of the Internet by pulling in automation !! Are you getting excited yet !! It’s real. It happens more than you’d think.

Toasting Your Success Using Proven Marketing Means!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Mentor
Superaffiliate “In body of e-mail enter “Internet Marketing”. This will tell me who you are. I will contact you as soon as I identify who’s here and know outright that you are serious about your online success!

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