Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs!

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I’m going to show you how a website can work inside of Facebook.

Step 1) Go to article about acidosis

(NOTE: Should this website be connected to Jeff Rense, I apologize. The one I looked at seems okay. It has a lot of details on the website. When you have your own website, you want it to be clean, simple, and straightforward. He has another website I don’t favor so I want to make that point clear. It’s never my intention to send you to anything off the wall or dark.)

Step 2) Click on article

Step 3) Click around different places to see how pages connect. As of today, I see that the website owner does not yet have all connecting pages in place. You will run into this situation as websites are being developed. Click and find what you can. If…in a few month’s time…this link does not work, feel free to let me know by adding your comment. I can easily find other examples for you.

Step 4) For fun, post this link inside of your profile at Facebook ONLY if you feel like doing so.

Watch it go viral. When I use the word viral, I’m showing you how people will share high quality content on the Internet. They borrow the post from you, and they pass it along to others, and so on.

If you are not comfortable posting the link on your FB page, that’s okay. Just visualize how valuable content can spread within the social networks. When you have your own website, when you control the content, and when you know what’s on your website, you will be more comfortable posting it on Facebook using this method.

Your marketing should always be subtle…not shouting at anyone.

In all ways and with all core matters, I encourage you to be the best business person online. You will have to develop careful discernment because sometimes, a website that we think is okay is connected to another website on the back end (it can be a one form of hi-jacking).

Final Conclusions

Look for key website elements like:

1) A place where people can click on a website address (

2) Pages that are connected to the front page article (called the valuable FREE offering)

3) A place on that website where people can go to find out more

4) A place on that website where people can enter contact information in exchange for the FREE offer

5) A place on the website where people submit their contact information for ongoing help.

NOTE: This blog is under development so I ask for your patience. Not all connections are in place yet.


Here’s One of My Own Websites

This is Targeted At Network Marketers Who Want To Learn Marketing The Right Way


You can set up a website any number of ways. It does not have to look this busy. In fact, the easier it is to get your message across, the better your outcomes with people will be. I will continue to share other examples with you over time. You need to see plenty of websites and blogs to get great ideas for yourself…and oh one more thing — please…as you look around on the Internet, put your wallet away. Don’t get into the habit of purchasing everything you see. That’s not going to help you if you’re launching your website on a tighter budget.

Supporting Your Success,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Business Development Specialist

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