Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

In this post, I talk about what has to happen in order to build a successful website.

Let’s start with common mistakes business owners make with their websites first:

1) They make the website all about them and it’s loaded with junky pages.

I am not trying to point fingers at business owners, but I am making important points here. Your success is very connected to your ability to bring people what they want..done so in clear ways. Their purchasing has much to do with satisfying their needs. If you do a great job, you get paid. You’re after repeat business.


You have to think about the people who are reading your content. On this WordPress, I’m getting people at various levels of marketing. Some are business pros. Some are new people who don’t yet know what they want. Some may be open to actually becoming Internet marketers for a living.

Feel free to leave your comments. I have folks who are helping me improve this WordPress site already. Thank you for your help. I have folks who just want a general picture. Some are ready to pay for work.

When you first start online, unless you’re a major movie star and you already know your target markets, there will be a testing period where you’re setting up your Facebook profile and fan pages, you’re getting people to those pages, they’re building it for you, and so forth. Then you’re setting up a blog…and you’re researching what kind of content you’ll put on your website.

Testing is the research phase of online marketing. It helps you zero in on what people want, will demand, and will actively pay for. In this case, because this blog is devoted to moving your business online successfully and safely, you’ll have needs for 1) publishing your name and building your web presence, 2) finding the audience who really wants you and will be loyal to you, and 3) doing it so that they do hit the buy button.

NOTE: I’m not a fan of purchasing books that tell you how to push people’s emotional hot buttons so that they hit “buy” now…without really needing that item. I do suggest that you use full transparency in everything you do. That way, you live your life in the open and you’re not manipulating anyone (least of all yourself). I have used this way of doing business all my life and it works extremely well.


Your audience seeing your website will always have a pressing need.

When they see your website, you will have 2 seconds to grab their attention. That’s how brief it is online.



Your website does not have to be fancy of even full of images. It’s the opposite. If you have some photos of yourself …let’s say…bicycling down a canyon road, you would expect to find a guy on a bike wearing bicycling gear and protection, and the bike is equipped with a small tire pack, a food pack, and a water bottle holder. You would see articles that tell you which bike suits specific sports, or you would see articles that talk about what women want from a bicycle when they’re riding around their neighborhoods. It’s content like that that consumers will read.

So in “ad copy”…businesses must grab people’s attention very fast. These are simple sentences, talking about what you see in one space on the website like “White Gloves…, $14.99″…click here. “Limited Quantities”…”Buy Here” or “Buy Now”.

Ad copy on a website can appear in a short paragraph or a few sentences, or even show up in one line.

Ad copy on a blog compliments the messages you place on a website. They’re not duplicate but they expand the interest on that website and fill in consumer gaps.



The number of total pages on your website has more to do with how much content you’ll cover just to tell the public what your business is about. On the Internet, any topic of interest works. There are dog-grooming websites, New Age websites, Chocolate For Mail websites, you name it. Whatever your mind can create, you can do. If you create a blog to marry to your website, it carries more weight with Google if it has more pages…not posts!

Example of a Website — Find One You Like Online and Emulate

This part stumped me for several years. Here’s the short version that saves you hassles, not to mention time and money. Emulate the order…but do not copy the content. You can move some elements around like where people fill in their contact information…or where they join your fan club.

For rock stars, they have their own individual blogs (showcasing each rock band member), but their website shows the entire rock band on the front, it lists upcoming events, and it includes various offers people might want like: 1) contests…, 2) special VIP tickets to smaller concerts…, and 3) a place where people can join (say a fan club). This last part is extremely important.

When you learn to write short ad copy (or you can hire out this part), it doesn’t read like many of these posts I’m writing here. It’s shortened, offered without punctuation, it is fragmented, it is not grammatically correct, but it gets the message across fast. It has to do with the way human eyes scan a message when they’re looking online.

Your Audience

Your audience must be able to move about your website, from page to page to see how you relate to them. If you’re a rock star, your website has to drawn them into feeling wanted, belonging, and just getting jazzed up fast. If you are a CPA, that website talks about how to save the most money for retirement, how to save money on this year’s taxes, and so forth. If you sell bicycles, your website talks about getting the best bike for your needs, what to buy if you’re taking your bike on a road or in the mountains.


Human needs always tie into three things and your messages should fit those needs:

1) Need for belonging, beauty, handsomeness, acceptance — LOVE
2) Need to feel great, feel energetic, have clear skin, heal a toenail fungus or breath well — HEALTH
3) Need for stability … or monetary security — WEALTH

Online, our goal (in the community I promote here) talks about setting up your business the right way. BUT…, here’s the great part. If you don’t know what your business online will be, when you learn Internet Marketing, you can pretty much market anything. You can have many, many websites, or you can operate one major website. There are many ways to generate a living online.

The best businesses online provide a true service, they are honest and up front, they are there, and they relate to the public on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in getting into a “get rich quick” scheme of some type, then this blog is not suitable for you. This is about protecting consumers online as they shop with you.

You will need to match your passion to skills that you can already bring to the table. When you come online, you may not know what this is. I will testify that your skills are determined by the hobbies, passions, specific interests, and education you have. The Internet can turn the most humble working mothers from home into real powerhouses. The Internet won’t demand what you really look like in the final end. It’s what you offer that will make you popular and highly-sought after.

If you are a brain surgeon, the website may list the hospital where you work and offer office hours. Your skills will determine what type of business you’ll run…like cosmetic dentistry…so you’re then matching your web presence to your ethics. You want to attract the best buyers. I hope this last part makes sense.

So …again…my major goal in being here for you is to help you conduct and proceed in business while being safe online. As you set up your business the right way, it will produce for you as long as you want to work in whatever you’re promoting.

I recommend that you stay away from Internet gurus selling you “make money from home” products. Many of these products don’t fill what your business will require…the need for a steady stream of inquiring minds, the ability to attract willing and ready buyers, and the ability to obtain repeat business.

When you set up your website, you should be willing to serve consumer’s truest needs.

There has to be a place where people offer their e-mail information.

The website and blog must be navigational. NOTE: I’m working on integrating this blog further so I apologize if it’s not working fully yet.

You must offer them something valuable in exchange on both the blog and the website. The website free offers appear in the form of articles they can click. On the blog, if you notice how I have a FREE offer set up…it takes you to the Internet marketing education for a very low monthly fee.

You can offer a FREE valuable e-book…”How to find your twin flame” (ultimate mate). In the free offer, it will talk about what true love really is (the highest match for your soul) and what’s false love (personality oriented). HINT: Much of what we long for really comes from within…but use your best judgment whenever you’re moving a product. It must fill a true need.

When you have a website and blog, the goal is to start out with a system you can affordably set up and manage, OR hire out the work if you have the marketing budget, OR transition into an independent website as you’re earning your pay. Many business owners will do a combination of these things.

If you are starting out on a very slim budget (as many of us have), do not worry. You can set up your business online…but it will take persistence, know-how, application, patience, and genuine passion.

Keep in mind — the offerings you’ll eventually create for your website will have more to do with the kind of business you’re marketing. So think in terms of an Italian Restaurant. It will have offers like…where the restaurant can be found, what they offer, what’s the special plate for the day, when do they serve lunch and dinner, which days are they open for business, and miscellaneous items boosting the bottom line…like special sauce handmade by Guido…, available in-store…$16.99…2-week offer.


There are hundreds of thousands of offers already available online (through what’s called affiliate marketing) where you don’t have to create a product yourself. That effort has already been done for you, butsome affiliates are great about payout. Others are not. You want to promote things you use yourself…like a product that helps you move around on the Internet easily and quickly while it preserves your log in information. I cite Roboform. I use this product and it’s excellent. You can become an affiliate of this product and they pay commissions on this product right away. They don’t have a threshold of $50 before they pay out anything…like Clickbank. Choose major companies who market major products if you consider affiliate marketing. You have to move lots of different products to generate a decent monthly commission.

If you prefer steady pay, then you’re marketing your skills and services while offering some products on the back end.

OR…in many cases online, you can actually do both. You can blend affiliate marketing with regular marketing. If you don’t own a brick-and-mortar company, you can entirely work online. If you have your brick-and-mortar already operational and successful, you can expand your market reach by incorporating the Internet.



If you don’t know what social media is — it’s how people find you easily regardless of wherever they’re at on the Internet. You can use free and paid means.

We fit this need by pulling in social media marketing. This is what you see whenever you go to a major website…”Follow us at Facebook!” “Find us on YouTube”. “See us at Vevo”. On any video you connect to your websites/blogs, people should be able to click on videos, listen to and play them, and find those videos from wherever they’re at on the Internet.

NOTE: Your videos must carry your website link…so be sure to post that URL (website link on that video! That way, they can hop over to your website to find out more information.

When you get into social media, this means that you’re linking your various online elements together. Your website moves people to your blog. Your blog moves people to your website. Your Facebook, Twitter, and Delicious moves people to your website. This is called generating traffic…leading to inquiries…leading to relationships…leading to purchases…jobs…and expanded networks.


1) valuable content
2) target the right audience who wants what you offer
3) have a way to communicate with lots of people as you obtain their contact information
4) develop offers they’ll want

I hope this helps. There’s a lot to digest here, but I’m showing you the power of Internet marketing properly applied. I am dedicated to your online success using a New Economy model (right-minded business for these New Times).


Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Business Development Specialist

To call me for immediate hire or obtain your FREE 30 – minute business consultation, please call:

(719) 963 – 3423 MOBILE

Please leave a message, time and date of message and I’ll get back to you asap. A simple phone number without a clear message creates some confusion.

(Please do not call me for reverse offers (network marketers). This is about moving businesses online in the time they presently have. I really can’t spend my time filtering out spam.)

Thanks for your understanding! As always, your comments are greatly appreciated!

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