Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

If you are new to this blog, be prepared. I’m blowing the doors of marketing wide open as it applies to online business…and yes…there are some people who are not happy to know that this is happening. They’d like to keep you in the dark, said honestly. So I’ll get to the real skinny.

Before you read this post, I’ll ask you to find a quiet place somewhere in the house so that you aren’t bugged by family. You really want to pay close attention to what’s being shared here. It is that important. So pull out your favorite beverage…warm it up…, find your most quiet corner that’s hopefully warm or air-conditioned…and get ready for this information.

What’s Really Happening With Corporations

Ok. So MBA’s are constructed and educated to represent and protect the company. I was shocked when I learned about this reality. I bring you a very unique perspective. I literally open the corporate boardroom doors to you to show you what kind of baloney has been long taking place…where higher up’s keep 2 sets of books…just to make their numbers look good on paper, to tell their employees that they are constantly broke, that they can’t pay salaries they promised..all so that they can still take their biggest year end bonuses ever. Their old ethics have nothing to do with protecting employee’s best interests…just because some senior exec will drop major money on ergonomic furniture or redecorate an office on some unforeseen whim…and still trending… won’t pay for health coverage because they had little vision to correct the multi-billion dollar purchase on a major building later left standing empty.

NOTE: In the event some of you do work for very ethical companies, congratulations are in order. The vast majority of human beings do not. This is true for medical professionals, doctors, and attorneys. I sincerely hope dentists sit in a far better place. They seem to be the brain surgeons who have it on the ball because they’ve figured that by hiring more pros, they can boost business, handle its influx well…and still have some time off…all while minimizing risks related to what are more commonly occurring as “poor insurance payouts”.


If you are someone who is tired of a company or a massive organization telling you what to do and how to do it…, not as empowered, respected, adult individuals who want to do a good job already, then perhaps it’s time to consider other options. Keep the day job. It keeps you stable…but in the meantime…consider building your own profits so that you can later live life well without worry.

It is true that many people will spend a majority of their lives never acquiring (let alone seeing) one million dollars. While this amount appears to be a lot of money in today’s terms, it isn’t. You need at least $2 million to retire 2 people at a basic $40,000 annual salary…barely keeping up with adjusted inflation or the hefty fees you pay out just to get your retirement funds. If you get seriously ill, you’re easily facing an $800,000 medical emergency. If it’s cancer, it’s $1,000,000.

The days are here. We can no longer ignore situations that don’t protect us as growing individuals. That is the way of major change. We create situations we are pushed hard to learn from so that we can find better, more economical, less hassled ways of doing business.

Internet — Optional or Required?

You know that the one major requirement all businesses need to thrive and grow is a major interest in that business, where very large numbers of people pay for that business.

If you don’t have enough leads (inquiries), you’re dead in the water even before you’ve launched yourself. The Internet brings you additional opportunity to “scout even larger neighborhoods” than you formerly thought possible. Stay tuned. I’m opening even bigger doors.

If you totally feel that you have paid your dues and that you are a consummate professional, OR that you already have the need to advertise your brick-and-mortar business online, this transitional need is extremely real. You know that you’re probably missing out on some prime business. Especially if you operate that physical business, you’re feeling the affects of surrounding businesses already making a solid go of it online…all while you’re scratching your head, wondering where you should first start…., or worse… you can’t compete with your fellow professionals who have tapped into technology years ago, readily pulling business from your own community… from your own heavily paid zip codes. This is a real threat to your business longevity. Shift a bit further with me.

21st Century Marketing

This is a concept many do not fully understand. If we pull in Industrial-Aged thought and apply it to the Information Age, it doesn’t translate well. Hierarchies are falling. They really don’t work because they operate on the premise that powerful business content only flows one way — from CEO to CFO…not from CEO to the front line workers. What the workers want, somehow…they aren’t listening …even after you’ve filled out countless surveys…or worse..taken the aweful risk to tell them in person. It’s a career limiting move, we know.

2012 promises to be a very interesting year for many people…such that if we apply a New Economy business model (suggesting the Internet in what will be 2 primary environments)…, you now have individuals working as a collective, in unison, pooling their talents to make a strong go of business …starting online.

There is talk of a new economy in poweful business circles, where this economy will hit a first low..topple old businesses, challenge former economic models, but then trend upward over time. It will not fit into what we’ve long held to be true. 100 year-old profitable projections (or mathematical models) won’t show us the future way.

So we’ll have to work up new ways of doing things. Those who are unskilled are really having a tough time. Those of us who’ve spent a fortune on formal education have still hit brick walls. If we are fortunate enough to work for a firm lasting 20 years even under one CEO, that’s very rare. It means job security won’t stand many changes. It’s inevitable that if we have Harv Eker teaching these CEO’s their billionaire blueprints had at all cost…, they’re going to want the trillion dollar blueprint. Green is a never-ending cycle. But what will the cost be to us as citizens..around the world if we wait? A trillion dollar business model is not sustainable even if you pull in global economics.

Therefore, the New Economy requires massive overhauls in old systems. I suggest that we will move into leveled relationships…where business pros help one another and work in unison. It’s called an organic matrix. If it resembles something called an organization, it’s far more loose than an organizational structure you’d see in one firm. That means that individuals must cross-pollinate information. They can’t harbor assistance under one company. Proof of what I’m saying here appears when you look at Amazon online. They figured out that if they shared traffic with other online companies, they’d create something new. It worked. Barnes & Noble is struggling. Other bookstores have evaporated within a short 1.5 decades.

So the New Economy represents a time where information massively comes to individuals…where it was once unavailable. We’ve had that capacity available for a while now…but the key to our individual success online will be to tap into direct and accurate content moving you from point A to point B…without guesswork, without meandering…where the educational system will support you…not hinder you…, where the keyword phrases (that pay well) will already be confirmed ahead of time, where you will have the ability to see a top pro applying what’s being taught and profiting from it. It’s not just talk. However, in it’s direct application…by open example…you’ll see concrete points being made to show you that you must check one box off in a specific area of your blog to get it working right.

Red arrows point the way. Steps are not only outlined…but roadmaps are provided. Markets are already identified. Numbers showing online searches already appear. You are not left guessing about these tidbits that could easily sink your ship.

Shift a bit further with me…

For those who have a strong Internet presence, already possessing a steady and even endless stream of inquiries will find that their business blood is strong. They will already have the numbers available to support their expanding businesses. They will have the ability to buffer themselves from fluctuations appearing in local economies simply because they can advertise across states! They will have the ability to transcend time and space…where people can look at them day…night..on weekends…during holidays. These businesses will be able to handle market fluctuations because there will always be rapid changes with buying behavior. These are the things you don’t consider when you are new online. You’re just thinking…how do I get myself out there…and how do I get paid?

Online…things work in a very specific order. There are highly specified steps to take…to get that website get that blog to work with the website while showing interested parties what they need to know…before they make a purchase.

The writing on the website must be accurate so that you don’t lose people before they’ve figured out what you’re about. The ads must match the website so that consumers follow what’s being advertised and they click from ad to website to blog…back to articles…to ask questions. The website must hold attention for more than .5 seconds. The blog must attract attention if only to move people over to the website. The blog must be interactive…or work like a website…but it can’t cost you massive storage or massive maintenance. It has to be fast, easy, and quick to work with. Your website and blog must be easy to edit and alter.

It’s these points and more which must be considered before you go live online.

Internet marketing breaks down barriers of traditional business. In my case, it took me 4 years to break down some old mentalities I was raised with. I really had to work at it because I didn’t readily see the potentials this marketing could offer. How could I know? It’s still not being taught in schools! Even colleges don’t have coursework in entrepreneurial thinking. We find out through direct experience. But.., because of what we learned as children in school, we were taught specific things…1) get the degree…2) get the long-term job…3) save for retirement. It’s all breaking down now. What worked in a non-digital age has us stumped now that the Internet is here. Lawyers don’t know how to harness it. Very educated individuals can’t make the break in old thought, as I attempt to convey to them how important this Internet thing is…and what it can mean and will mean to people. If we look at the earliest development of the Internet…called the SERPA-NET, that was slow to develop. Sure…computers have been around since the 1930’s…if memory serves correct. It took time to hit consumer household levels…and even then, massive numbers of people online did not know how to safely proceed online.

What worked 5 years ago does not work now. That’s how fast reality changes online. You have to keep up with change and you can’t do it fast enough alone. When marketers attempted to create complete systems, it didn’t work well with Google. So they cut their campaigns into snip-it’s of help. We call these folks gurus. Some are great. Many are not helpful, even though they claim to offer such aid.

So if you get into online and even offline business. the Internet allows you to minimize your business risks because you have the raw ability to draw global interest! I didn’t believe this fact when I first heard about it 6 years ago. I attempted to let a few talented offline marketers in on this reality, but they would not believe me. This reaction stunned me. You will meet many who will claim that legitimate Internet marketing does not exist. Their minds only work in ways they directly know and understand.

When you embark on an Internet marketing journey, your familial network questions you. They think you have lost your mind. 6 years later, my spouse is amazed. He can’t believe I’m topping numbers of inquiries over these 6 years well exceeding anything I did over 23 years of martial arts business. Keep in mind…inquiries do not quickly translate into sales. You have to build the trust first, put yourself out there, and keep the interaction going strong. It is when people see what you are about that they will later purchase from you. In the meantime, you must have an infrastructure well in place to support your start…and your cash must hold out until people hire you. That’s the way of it…even offline.

You do not have to run a faltering (or minuscule) business because you did not see the entire writing on your Internet wall. Internet marketing content has to be visible, meaningful, viable, applicable, and it cannot be taught overnight. It requires a short, intermediate, and long-term approach.

If you hire out the work, it requires monthly maintenance.

If you work on it yourself, you develop your skillset as you learn more.

You start at small levels of pay first…, then you grow your pay as your skillset grows. This is just how it is with technology. If you can’t create a full campaign by yourself, you must have the network available to assist you in accomplishing the work. I have learned that when I contribute, the owners of this learning place contribute to my campaign! i was stunned to experience this firsthand…because this isn’t typically done in many “supposed” Internet marketing environments. But it happens here…with this group!

What The Internet Can Do

The Internet has the ability to pull online business …offline!!!! Shhh…That’s our group secret. Anyone who comes here will learn about this truth. Many who do not find this blog will not piece this information together until they’ve hashed out their business losses over many years of effort. I was absolutely dumb-founded when I put this fact together…numerous years later…$30,000 later.

Anything I publish online…is there for 7 years. So must be careful about what you publish. It has to carry major weight with people to make good sense. You can access my network to tap into those who can help you write content, if you don’t want to do it yourself. The content varies relative to the kind of website you’re creating. If this doesn’t make sense, think in terms of one market segment…say…bicyclists. They won’t purchase Taekwondo protective headgear. They need something sleek and sexy. It’s a bicyclist’s thing. Martial artists just need major padding to survive their competitions! So you’re keeping the needs of your audiences in mind, as you match a particular need to the product that’s offered. That’s transparency. You won’t sell something someone doesn’t need or have a direct use for.

But…isn’t that amazing news?

For those of you tapping into this blog regularly, you’re getting powerful, mastered help those in my prime networks aren’t getting. I bring it all to you — legal stuff…global stuff…, political stuff…talking about how headlines impact businesses and buying behavior. If there’s a massive cut in a major local business, it affects department store purchasing, we know. If there’s a massive cut by Google in the number of merchants it showcases, that’s going to affect business profits. It’s things like this that new folks coming online don’t know.

How about buyer purchasing? In reality, it has little to do with what the real economy is doing. HINT: consumer mindset runs opposite to actual economic upturns and downturns. Everything you’re doing online will involve studying buyer behavior, knowing how their minds work. As I see this blog’s comments, I’m getting people at many levels of marketing. Many are new. Some are professionals who just need to get the work done. That’s potential work for pay. So it takes time to look at who’s coming to you online just to assess the need…to find out what people want most.

How about marketing stats? That shows you where markets exist, let alone where markets will pay for your services. You can’t run a search on a typical, individual starter skillset. So you have to leverage the people who already make millions online…because they have the tools you’ll need. I am in touch with such a network. You’ll have access to specific tools that cross-check very expensive information we’ve already paid millions to get and research already. You won’t need to buy every tools needed to get the job done. If you purchased everything offered in this network, you would be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. You won’t have to do that. There are 2 major marketers who have already paved the way, simply because they leverage the memberships of a solid paying collective…much like a university but much more honest.

This is the only place of it’s kind. If I knew about a better group of marketers who deliver at this level, I’d openly tell you about it. Thus far, they don’t exist in this way. This place does not advertise itself as such. That would bother too many people already working from traditional “educational” realms. If you notice, universities took some time to get online…but now they’re doing it and they’re making record profits. The private universities are making billion dollar annual revenues. Sure…, they’re under investigation by the feds for misusing gov’t student loans because they got caught up in their greed.

In Internet marketing, you’re problem-solving and motivating from the of highest places. If you don’t do it, who will? It starts with us. You’re checking others out to make sure they’re meeting a major cut. You’re not teaching this content to just anyone. You will be untouched by market fluctuations…because you’ll be global. This blog pulls in people from everywhere….from every walk of life. I am stunned at it’s results! HINT: Don’t pay $5 a month for Akismet. it will block all of your incoming comments as an anti-spam tool. The company has been notified by people and they still don’t alter their product. I sat for a whole year scratching my head wondering why my blog wasn’t getting comments until I cancelled my membership…and wha-la. In two weeks, I met you fine people…all 57 incoming. I missed 467 during year one. That means I could have been paid 12 months ago…and sooner.

So…tap into the system I’m using. Do what I do. Learn extensively what you can and should not do to protect yourself fully. I will say…it hasn’t cost me $2,000 to do this! I’ve spent…$97..and for some…$49 a month to access this system, but I’ve been teaching in this place since May 2008. I’ve written countless tutorials. As they’ve upgraded the system, I’ve lost some content…but no big deal. If you know your stuff, you can hammer out help readily…form the needed internal blog profiles, get the traffic, build the following, find the offers that work best. Do what the top annual earners are doing by going to their live sites. Emulate…but alter your messages so Google won’t slap you for having “duplicate content” (copied content). You can find an article you adore online, but you must be willing to add your own spin. You can’t cut/paste. That’s considered unethical in my realm. If you cite an author, you’re ok but there’s a specific reference you must include with that author. It’s called a signature box.

I teach you how to write decent content. It should be noted that I have not hired anyone to write this content. I write it to you now…word for word…in my home situated in Colorado. That way, when the content is published, it’s done by me…written by me…familiar to me. I stand behind anything I write. You can’t do that if you’re hiring just anyone to write your website content…or in the very least, you must be able to directly see what’s being written so you can edit everything.

You can do well.

So you should have both your offline and online presence well established to tap into markets you wouldn’t normally be able to access by trying this marketing fully on your own. You want to place your ad messages in several baskets so you hit Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines. Seeing the possibilities?

You must have some wherewithal to develop your skills offline…as you market products online…and do so in a compelling way where you own the website you’re making. I suggest, for example, when you build a website for a business (and doctors, dentists, and attorneys can apply this know-how to their own professional networks to expand their profits), if you build someone a website or outsource the work, you charge a larger fee but keep a majority of that profit for your business. Pay the going rate to someone who can handle the website work. You oversee the work to make sure it’s being done right. The website is kept by you, owned by you, and delivered once the site is indexed in a top Google spot. Then the website is delivered with full pay. If you get a “no” from your business, you tell that business that you’re taking the indexed site to their competitors…where it already has traffic…inquiries…and products connected on the back end. There are forms you present to the small business to describe what types of services you will offer, at specific work times, at specific pay levels. Negotiations like this are found in properly, educated networks. I’ve accessed 3 major professional networks to obtain information like this. I’ve been on countless calls, working with pros…spending thousands and thousands of hours to get the marketing information “right”.

More Importantly

If you are still here…please hang in there with me a bit longer. I know this is a lot of information. You don’t have to present specific resumes to someone who’s going to toss your life in the trash can…let alone consider what you’ve been through to become who you are today.

When you think about what many companies would rather not do for you (like show you what they’re doing), you cannot hope to act or profit by your own uniqueness as long as you follow their corporate templates. That would essentially mean that a few people at the top of these very organizations would naturally lose control/power over you…over time. Again…I love my fellow human beings. They are evolving. Some are not. We make choices.

Core Truth

You already have all of the abilities you currently need to be the master you already are! Isn’t that funny as it reads? It is and it isn’t because governments and companies have not looked out for consumers…let alone individuals. So..those of us already working on your behalf now say that it’s time for a major shift…and it will happen. It will happen with or without resistance…simply because it’s time. The individual has the ability to govern what they do…and this applies to their own businesses.

Once you see clearly how you can earn a living by working the Internet the “right way”…not making an offer and switching people with various offers to create that confusion, you will never be the same person you are right now. That is, get the right messages going under your name, tell people what you are about, find the right and willing buyer groups (through targeted marketing), get them all talking about how grand you are (because you truly are)…, and get them talking about your products/services…and BINGO…they’re buying from you in large numbers. It happens. Again…reference the rock stars. They have a good thing going…and if a few of them are teaching others, I’d like to know firsthand. They are sitting on multiple-millions..and yes…they worked like dogs to earn it…but people adore them and willingly open their wallets to them…time and time again. At least, in the U.S. they do. We’re very loyal. We love our rockstars and our entire American transit system is built for rock concerts. I kid you not! The dressing rooms are nice. The hallways are nice. The big concert halls are outstanding. It’s a whole system of rock singers..working with the producers to move product.

Back to who you ultimately are —

If I can show you your true power…that you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to get your business going online…and that it really only requires steady, consistent steps… it will lead to profit. This help is about embedding who you really are, separately from the bunk you’ve been fed as a baby….so sure…I’m here for a great reason…call it highest purpose.

*** You are entirely capable of handling your life in the present moment…and

*** You are deserving of every bit of abundance life can possibly offer you…and…

*** To be completely loved in the world, it means that you are willing to give and receive in balance so that means that you have to be okay with being paid well.

I’ll simplify further.

In a prior post, I talked about money being energy. If you break it down to it’s core operations…you exchange something valuable in exchange for your paid time. Money is the agreement between two people. They need what you have to offer. You want what they will pay so that you can own your life outright. That’s what rockstars do…so why should you be any different? They’re not more talented than you are. Really…they are not. BUT…they are seeing what’s required online to make it happen steadily…so they don’t have to spend their entire 11 months every year touring a continent. They don’t.

So if you look at Internet marketing and how technology can work in your favor, work does not have to involve drudgery. It can happen in your home…, it can happen from an office. It can even happen from your cell phone! It can be fun…and very rewarding…and it can absolutely support you in a decent lifestyle you already deserve.

Where large companies get nervous about you learning this stuff is that it’s going to impact them in very direct ways. For example, if every company gave up it’s multi-billion dollar hoarding (for who knows why), every person on this planet would be a millionaire. It’s true. Take a multi-trillion dollar economy, reducing the excess spending on projects that often get cancelled, and reduce the buildings that are standing empty because a senior exec made the decision to build it in the first place (for tax reasons)…then spread that wealth out amongst every member of society, and you would have an entirely different world.

That’s where…we…the present Internet marketers come in. We are the New system that’s appearing online and we are challenging those who would rip off consumers at any quick price. That includes firms…, gurus…, universities teaching outmoded content (yes..even in the MBA program they did this)…and even challenge modern medicine for failing to include supplements as it’s overall treatment plan. I’ll apologize if I’m stepping on any toes here. That’s not my intention. I’m trying to show you how powerful you already are.

But…that’s Utopia… I guess..if we individually worked together to ensure small businesses could succeed…and that you didn’t have to spend $35,000 or even $250,000 getting that professional degree…just to get somewhere in life.

Can we truly have a better world? I say yes…we can.

If you’re still here reading this message, a core part of you sees what I’m saying.

Enter High Ethics

That’s where high ethics enter into this picture. You cannot share this kind of content with people who won’t look out for consumers. Full transparency in what we’re doing is needed, if only to show you how a campaign online works. If those of you who are repeatedly returning to this blog for the simple reason that someone out there in cyberspace completely believes in you already (and you don’t even have to prove yourself that this is already true…that you are inherently valuable and you don’t need a resume for work), then you’re in the right place at the right time. You need a valuable skill-set others can use.

Look at Wall Street. Goodness. Apply Internet marketing to that equation and you get a mess. But…, that’s aside from Internet marketing as we apply this cutting edge design to your awareness — where successful e-commerce and good online business make solid sense.

The truth is — you don’t need a college degree to own a successful business online…outright!

1) you need a decent website and I’ll say this often
2) you need a blog that shares your messages…as long as those messages do not duplicate what will go on the website
3) you need the ability to communicate with large numbers of people all in one fell swoop
4) you need to be able to visit with these people often
5) you need to see the trends so that you can offer what they absolutely want
6) then you need a way to secure that pay.

So…now that we’ve covered transparency, you must be willing to openly disclosure everything you offer to people. The ads are straightforward. The articles consumers read fit into your product sales. The website offers content people truly want to read. Your e-mails answer questions to help buyers get what they really need…not what you think they need based on what your ego might suggest.

NOW… as part of full transparency in Internet marketing and what the right kind of information does for you (like spare you lost thousands in bad ads ..from poor pay-per-click advertising that you really didn’t need right away because you could get it for free…just by doing what I’m doing). Cross my heart – I haven’t spent one nickel with Google…not yet. The option is there…but not yet because profits still need to hit a stable level before one can justify that expenditure (cost).

What would happen if I told you that the Internet is totally open to you? And…, that you don’t have to spend a massive budget on advertising your business? And…better still…that if you can find the right buyers to fit the right need (in the form of giving them the right products), then you have the ability to earn your own living?

This is what large businesses really haven’t taught. They don’t need to. They have traditional universities serving that purpose…and I say this with care because I love my education. I am hugely grateful to the un-selfish people who have shared their business know-how with me…as they still scrape enough money together to make their own livings. Meanwhile, the private universities are sitting on billionaire cash piles…had by a top few.

Let’s shift a bit in our understanding. If I reference the New Economy again….and what it really means for you…the individual…being freed from corporations structured long ago to keep us all working on their behalf, what does this economy mean?

New Economy…Beyond 2012

You see dictatorships faltering. You see old systems flailing about because they are groping at straws. They can’t justify what you see as no longer working. It comes across as false and even outright crazy. For those who have been in “long standing power”, I’ve actually told some that I’m building my own database. What I get from middle managers is…blink…blink. They don’t know what it is …for you to be a list builder and a database owner. They can’t relate because they have been taught to do everything for the company, feel good about doing it, and not even question what is happening. Department stores do this all the time…and they’re getting tighter and tighter about even paying their minimum wage help.

So now I come into a department store to test the waters…and play employee for a year…just to see how their billionaire marketing is working and it is working online. The middle managers are freaking out because I tell them…”why would you build someone else’s credit list…for only .50 cents per e-mail”…and “why would you give away your life force to think only in terms of what the company tells you”? It’s astounding what I’ve witnessed. Those of us teaching this content do NOT want this reality realized by you.

* You can build your own list
* You can own your own database (list of clients coming back to you repeatedly)
* You can move your own stuff on the back end in due time…and better still …when you are new, you can move products that are already online.

You have choice. You have power. You can write any content you want your audience to see and no one can edit what you’ve written.

Go Within For Answers…Get Quiet…And Ask

Here’s the odd part. You have not been taught this part. You have your inner self. This part of you is extremely powerful. It can create anything you want. You can even write your own e-books and publish them at the drop of one finger. Charge .99 cents for the first copies going out. They are connected to your domain and your website. Play with it. See how many copies you can sell and you own the money entirely. If any of you ask for more proof, I can offer insights on how this is done..with specific mention.

To Build Wealth

Whenever you are looking at ways to increase your personal gain in the form of honest profits, you have to go within. No other human being is you. Others like our loved ones will ask you to do things their personalities desire…without reflecting on how it’s going to impact you. It happens all the time. They do not have your blueprint, and they have not been through what you have endured. So what you have encountered in the past is all about you becoming your all, inter-dependently of an old business consciousness (or even outmoded family you dearly love and should love) that says you’re only important if you earn such and such dollars. As a human being on this planet, you are priceless. You cannot be replaced if anything happens to you. You have something very unique to contribute to this Earth…let alone many businesses and individuals.

The educational network gives you the support you need even when family does not. They do not know what the Internet can do because they have not been taught…so it’s understandable that they will be protective over your need to move online. They have been taught by large companies to fear it…at individual levels…but only as long as they are asking for “how it all works”. If people are buying…well then…companies rejoice! Isn’t that weird? Think about it.

If you ask a company, why don’t you give us our own individual websites…that we can talk to the customers who only want to interact with us…, think about it. Most of the time, major CEO’s are no where near the business that’s being conducted. They’re sitting somewhere in the boardroom…looking at how they can vary their spreadsheet numbers long enough to keep the I.R.S. contented. And…you’re out there on the front line…working like a mad man…wondering why the wealth isn’t streaming your way. I say this with love and care. You are priceless.

So with that much challengingly said, I’m trying to mirror back to you your grandeur so that you will not hesitate in asking for the pay when that time comes due because you’ve worked to learn what’s right, you’ve taken right-minded actions, you haven’t ditched consumers once they made a purchase, and you’re there…helping.

Internet marketing has the full power to deliver better realities to you, because you learn to harness in correct ways technology..and you learn to use that power to your supreme advantage…assuming you will do the right thing for your customers.

So the New Economy will have to be about full transparency in business, where you entirely tell people what you offer…for X amount of dollars…to be had within a specified period of time, always following up with consumers to make sure they are happy with what they purchased from you. Major professionals always hear ethics in semester one of university instruction…but they could use more. This includes my fellow MBA’s who thought that doing a good job in a company would mean “just looking busy” as they restructure yet another similar action plan…usually leading to major fallout (or job loss).

So ethics have to become a very strong part of who you can be in this Newer Economy. Some of us who work from purity are BIG on empowering individuals and we want the best for you. You cannot transition online without a proper marketing education. I am honest in saying this much…, and I speak to you from my heart.

So if you’re somewhat okay with the idea that sound marketing education …to be had online for a nominal cost (less than you’d spend for two pizza’s once a month) would be valuable, I’ll leave the final decision up to you. Unless you have major money to burn for advertising, you’ll have to be wise about how you spend your money online. You will need some money..again…for web hosting. That’s very small. It shouldn’t cost you more than say…even $47 for a full year, hosting a one domain. need a blog. You can spend very little for that blog by adding to your list of required elements. If you own your domain ( that WordPress blog is connected to your domain, people will be able to find you. This place works like a website but it’s not such a hassle to maintenance it…if we’re not getting into major pc storage needs.

So…I bring you back to Internet marketing education. You could go it alone online, but I don’t recommend it. There’s simply too much to piece together, to get your business going strong. You need a solid foundation, much like the foundation of a house. That foundation requires some software, usually some type of system that will help you e-mail others, some archived storage space, and people you can rely on to help you when you need that help…anytime of day.

Where the New Economy fits into that marketing has more to do with helping you see how buyers online think. It’s not so obvious when you’re setting up a website. You must have the ability to visit with people…either at that website…or in the very least, connect that website to some kind of communications network…I’ll cite YouTube, for example. I use rock stars as major examples because they do this sort of thing everyday. Think about it. How are they transparent in their marketing? They trigger a few needs: 1) singing in soulful terms your brain won’t have to relate to…because they are triggering emotions…, and 2) they have music you can tap into at any time…and 3) they have you build their social profiles for them so that they can readily move you into musical downloads (MP3’s) and CD’s…when the timing is just right. Then.., when you’re really all worked up, you think that a major on-stage rocker would marry you at the drop of a hat! That’s what you’re going to be doing as a marketer. You’re priming the pump. You’re connecting to others. You’re getting them connected and interacting. Then…, you’re asking them what they want most…and you’re going to deliver. They’ll think that you’re standing inside of their minds! And …to some extent, you are.

That kind of realizing takes some instruction and that the network you find will make sure you get your website working, so that your blog fits into that website, and so that the social networking will build your inquiry base. Can you see where this is going?

So..back to ethics in marketing and online business. If you’re going to build a solid name and reputation for yourself so that people will come back to you, you must have information and access to that information. It must be delivered, already tested, and profitable in order for you to benefit from that content.

You can hire out the work. You can do that.

You can combine both the hired work and sweat equity.

Now.., if you were able to network with people who are earning a living already online, and you want to know how they’re setting up their Google ads..then rotating those ads for the best outcomes, how will companies feel if you’re sitting on their turf?

In a way, you will become new competition they hadn’t thought about…because they pretty much negated your talents when you worked for them.

And…if in this New Economy network that’s still growing and adding massively powerful, technologically-based tools to it’s marketing arsenal (you may wish to leverage for a small cost), you would save that money you’re not paying out to the online gurus.

This is about putting your money to work in places where it will grow a true business….not making a guru wealthy when he/she will run off scott free in a few months…without giving you what you need most.

I’m playing devil’s advocate to get you seriously thinking about what you want…so forgive me. Always keep your wallet on ice. Do not make rapid purchases about things you don’t know that you don’t need.

Finally…if you think in terms of Internet business and how it can work for you, then what would happen to thousands of individuals now appearing online asking for that help? Might it stand to reason that if you invested some of your own working capital in that education (for yourself), you wouldn’t have to find out that some goofy webmaster owns your business outright because you didn’t know that you have to register your domain under your name exclusively? I’m giving you some major hints. This is $30,000 advice I’ve bought and paid for…to discover so that you wouldn’t have to do it yourself. Massively successful businesses have lost major profits to situations like this.

Don’t believe me still?

Okay. Google Mike Young, Internet marketing attorney online and subscribe to his newsletter. Do it now. Don’t wait. If you are a serious business owner, you must know about the ethics of marketing…to do it right…so that Google doesn’t shut down your website…or so that some uneducated, self-proclaimed web master comes along and places your domain under his credit card…claiming to set up your website for one, easy fee. These are the small things you find out when you tap into a credible community.

Lastly…as we think about this New Economy fast approaching…and it’s already here…companies don’t know that you are silently studying what they long kept quiet…at least as soon as they could figure out the marketing game online. They do have this advantage, in that they’ve had time to develop their campaigns…targeting their precise audiences.

You don’t have to “trial-and-error” it out by yourself. You have me…and will have others I’ve already tested..and even eliminated because they couldn’t deliver or weren’t even barely caring about your situation. That kind of empathy takes time, persistent work online, the ability to grit and bear it and even work a cruddy job just to keep your earliest online business going…long enough to be seen and then related towards. This is one true reality I must prepare you for….if only to test your resolve and your own belief in what you can bring to the marketing table.

What would happen if those of us already working online helped new people learn what’s required…instead of educating them to only serve as “life-long” slaves graduating from a university to serve a major corporation or even an HMO? I can tell you that hundreds of thousands of attorneys aren’t even equipped to advertise themselves within legal firms! I was shocked when I learned about this news. AND…they’re waiting for you.

New attorneys called associates are at the beck and call of their partners. The 2 or 3 major partners have a website! They have a way of storing names in a database so that they can that database for profit! It just kills me to see this reality …as these partners poorly work their new attorneys. And the new attorneys are very stressed for it. They chase ambulences, in hopes of securing profitable court cases (called personal injury)…and hundreds of thousands of dollars go to the major partners while they pay their new attorneys a nominal first, second, and third year wage. I cite a sister who earned only $13,000 during her first year of non-stop work. It took her 20 years to build up to a wage of $130,000 and she thought that this was a good living. Well…it was…but she had no family life. She gave it up because it was a powerful illusion.

I’m saying…if you learn the proper basics of Internet marketing…done well…sweat equity it yourself or at least hire out the work in amounts you can readily afford, you won’t have to hit the cyber wall. Take it slow. See what’s required. I show you the way as you see on this blog. You will see a free offer in exchange for your information. You need this part. It’s very big. You will see that I have a way to visit with you…as I’m working on integrating that part. I didn’t learn these elements from a new person who’s had no help along the way. I went to the pros…for myself and for you.

Anyway, I say all of this stuff carefully. You are worth $200,000 a year…easily. You are. If you’ve never seen this kind of money yet…harness Internet marketing and learn it well. Take the time you need to see how it works. Own an internal blog of your own that taps into major traffic (like I do). I have one in the education system you don’t see. I built it up in 1 year and it has 3,500 people on it. This blog is still a baby. It has 459 entrants…and it’s only been up and running for less than 1 year. Yes… I have benefited from the stable income large companies offer and I am extremely grateful, but the time has to pass this knowledge to the real way-show-ers. That’s you.

Claim your power.

Feel free to leave any comments you wish about anything. I will do my best to deliver on what I know. Please understand…that when you embark on a journey like this, the entire world is at your feet. In the time I’ve owned this blog…as it has been developed within the confines of this new Internet marketing educational place, I’ve had help. I have met some astounding people. I have even met celebrities who don’t yet have a web presence. I am still examining one very neat relationship…I hope will lead to furthered Internet marketing work. It all happens because you’re out there…but you can’t walk through space. You’ve got to have technology and know-how.

Supporting Your Online Success,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Consultant
Business Development Specialist

You can see that my credentials are growing as I’ve studied and applied this marketing. It is cutting edge!

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