Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

More people are finding this Internet marketing blog…but what this blog is about is helping you get what you need at a price you can afford. What I’m doing on my end has much to do with how you get your website up and running, indexed by Google and more…


For some business owners, their dreams are yet unrealized mainly because they have to 1) change some old beliefs preventing them from creating their ultimate realities online…and 2) they may not have multiple, multiple millions to spend on outsourced work. Department stores can easily spend as much as $30 million expanding their online web presence! So… the reality is that many new folks appearing online have to tackle the work themselves, if only to generate the unique content really making them popular. What makes you unique in life is what makes you desirable to others.

The key to your ultimate success online is to market your name.

Then…, you are determining precisely what you want out of life. This process alone can lead you in many different directions…so I do have ideas in terms of helping you define clearest, profitable reality.

As human beings, we get lost in the HOW’s of getting something done. That programmed desire can lead you astray at times…because your head can really create a lot of difficulty. BUT…, there are amazing ways of attracting to you the things you’ll most need. I promise!

Furthermore…, keeping things simple without getting lost in esoteric points, I’ve found it useful to study information, find out what Internet marketing is really about (…which is…you owning your own thing without someone else owning you)…, and creating a network you can absolutely trust. That’s the bottom line.

New Internet marketers spend a considerable amount of “first-effort” online time researching this, that, and the other thing…, losing huge $$…, and finding others they like and readily work with. This blog is set up to attract the best possible people online, help them get some key marketing basics started that index them with Google (so the public can find them)…, develop an early online presence, build the name into a worthy brand, and get the business. Those phases of Internet business building take time so you must be absolutely dedicated to your self-worth (as a human being) and be completely dedicated to your business success.

In a nutshell —

1) The business owner must have a website

(Don’t just hire anyone to do this work because specific marketing elements have to appear on the website for it to totally work well.)

2) The business owner must develop a simple blog

(This is a work in progress. When you first start online, things will be a bit jumbled as you are learning…but don’t worry…everything can be edited and expanded.)

3) The business owner must build their list of contacts.

Superaffiliates…or “big Internet people” online will tell you that you have to get so many technical details going…and you have to buy this or that… and that you have to rely on them. This is NOT true! There are amazing people dedicated to your success online…but you have to know where to find them. I’ve already done that work for you…yes…to a nasty tune of $35,000. It doesn’t have to be that way for you!

The most successful online businesses require 3 things:

A) your persistence
B) a very strong belief that you have the world something critical to offer
C) love for your work

…Then a way to show people that you are online…and a way to attract them so that they talk about you and only you…and a way to find out what they absolutely want. The last part is what people will tell you about…if you carefully pay close attention.

What you ultimately advertise as your core business online usually requires either a specific profession that you’ve already pursued (say cosmetic surgery…or cosmetic dentistry). If you are not sitting in an educated profession, then you are defining your essence to the world in ways you can most deliver. You satisfy that deep urging and real need by determining what you truly like to do most.

For some, it may be health and wellness.
For others, it may be spirituality.
For still others, it may be delivering a special service that a person’s natural life skills fit best.

Your life passion (or highest path leading to lasting success) has much to do with the things you love to do on a daily basis, naturally motivate towards, and absolutely don’t mind tackling. For example, I get a major thrill empowering individuals to own their business outright! So Internet marketing entered the natural picture as I continued to meet people. It started with the MBA and prior entrepreneurial business (I owned), and it branched out to include the online reality.

You are drawn to the information through persistent urgings, I’ll call it. It’s what you live for. The essence behind that work has much to do with truly wanting to help others improve their lot in life. That’s the strongest intent that will attract to you everything that your heart desires most. This includes the need for amazing love, true and lasting wealth, fulfillment, an amazing group of friends, and more.

How You Fit Into The Total Scheme Of Life

Here’s the bottom line. Your quality of life has to do with how you think, act, and work. We know that much at basic levels, but your mind is extremely powerful. It draws to you the experiences you seek and wish for. The key to your success is to pinpoint what feeds your soul. If I were to spend all of my time telling you the HOW’s of Internet marketing, it would saturate your brain to the point where you simply shut down (and not do anything) because Internet marketing is the equivalent of becoming an attorney or a doctor. It requires massive, massive effort. So the starter emphasis on this blog has to include what you need and don’t need.

You must have a compelling message attracting people to you. You must have something to offer them for FREE so that they will leave their e-mails with you. Then you must have a way to visit with those people to find out what they want…leading them to an offer (product or service) they’ll willingly pay for. I’m being a bit repetitious on this blog.

A) This blog covers essential points testing your personal resolve:

* mindset mastery
* developing a winning mindset leading to amazing success
* finding out what motivates you (when times get tough)
* working together

B) And it covers helping you get an online system going at a cost you can most afford.

C) We can get into some technical stuff you’ll need…like articles in a published network showcasing your name and business…, a way to build your list of contacts…, and getting your website listed on page one of Google. That’s work you can do yourself or it can be bought. Each marketing element carries a cost with it, if you’re not doing the work yourself.

If you are doing everything yourself…then I’m here to give you what works…based on the pro’s I access.

So…this blog can’t be about me just me sharing “tekky” information. It’s about getting in your hands on the major resources you need most…so you can get your feet wet online without dying on the vine. Those of us appearing on this blog may eventually work together to pool skills/talents. This can potentially be a blog where you hire me…OR…you can work on your marketing campaign by accessing the supportive network, or I can offer you a combination of those things. This is about you having the freedom to do what’s best for you, but there will be some costs involved.

No one can set up an online web presence for free. You have web hosting (small monthly fees).., costs associated with either hiring a qualified marketing network, or getting the right information in your hands. If you work a minimum wage job, you can still put yourself out there (cyberspace) and it will take effort and education.

What Major Companies Do Online

I’ll shift here a bit. The BEST businesses doing well in this century have a strong web presence. They appear when you enter a search word. You will see offline advertising for a business. You will see online social networks talking about that business. You will see a blend of offline ads and online ads. You will require the same ads. Some can be paid for…and some can be free!

As you build your business, you’re after a way to get the business online so that you can automate your business, minimize your offline effort…or choose a combination of the two. You have the power to decide how you will conduct your business. The 2012 trend for department stores is that more of their business is now appearing online. They have their physical stores…but more customers like to shop from home. If you offer a service (like cosmetic dentistry), then you need a website that will pull in business from neighboring places so that competitors don’t have your kind of pull. See how online marketing can work?

You want options and you need a marketing network that gets work done. Then…you want things you can use online to get the job done without going broke. Internet marketing is about those key things.

* Not everyone likes to create a website
* Not everyone wants to write content
* Not everyone wants to set up web hosting (a major pain until it makes more sense)
* Not everyone wants to deal with technical details of setting up a full campaign
* Figuring out how to visit with hundreds and thousands of people all at once.

You may not mind visiting with your business fans! You may not mind writing an e-mail blast to countless people so that you can expand your following! You’ll love closing business…and each of these elements requires specific skill.

The fun part is getting paid. Then…you have to find a way to move your products and services on a larger level.’s about enjoying the people you’re serving. This is what I’ve learned from business ownership.

Please keep your comments coming.

As I read what others are posting, it’s telling me what you all want. That’s not so clear at first, as we build a reliable network. What I see so far from several comments are: 1) people looking for a support group, 2) some who are ready to hire out some work…, 3) others just wanting to know how to realize their dreams without relying on a company (for work and pay).

As we continue to explore online business, I can add what has to go on a website and talk more about what has to happen in a blog…or how you visit with your growing network of inquiring minds.

The bottom line is that Internet marketing is so powerful, it can set you free.

You don’t have to work for a living by killing yourself. You can absolutely develop a profitable business that will bring you a wonderful living…but you will have to be certain that anything you place online will stand the test of time.

That’s Internet marketing as it’s most basic levels.

Stay in touch everyone. I am developing this blog…adding workable ingredients that make this blog more useable for you…and then additionally building a network you can readily trust to get stuff done on your behalf…and to build a reliable following. This is pretty much what you will do for your business.

Lastly, if you are not sure about anything I’m publishing here…think in terms of being a rockstar. They are appearing everywhere online. If you Google your favorite musical groups, you will see many marketing elements at work. Don’t get lost in what people are saying to one another online (as in noting what the rock star says to the fan). See precisely what’s at work.

* Facebook profile — where people see you and follow you
* Your blog — where you tell people what you are about
* Your website — where others find you to further see what you are about
* Your appearance — in additional online networks so that when someone sees you, they refer you to another person…and another person…and so on. We call this “viral marketing”. It’s the best word of mouth your business will ever possess.

FINAL NOTE: The funny thing about this Internet marketing is that because it is so powerful, many people don’t see that business is about “right minded advertising”. You have to be totally ethical in everything you do. Then…, you position yourself as the true expert in some given area…, you have a sincere willingness to genuinely help others, and you’re setting up a system that will bring you inquiries and business.

Most Respectfully,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer

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