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Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Content I publish for the single entrepreneur is helps you identify what’s most needed online as you build your business, and stay afloat long enough to build yourself into steady profits. In order to build a strong foundation moving you further into sustainable and happy business, your efforts will require a long-term approach.

Nutshell Tip — I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND QUICK, OVERNIGHT SUCCESS. There are some shortcuts that do work (pay-per-click advertising leading to stable business)…but by and large, your success will boil down to doing what’s right for yourself and others.

Regardless of whatever product/service you will promote:

1) Always operate on a budget you CAN afford

* Insist on nothing less.

* Don’t let anyone pressure you into situations you don’t agree entering clearly.

* Trust your intuition…it cannot mislead you. Your heart will rise when the true opportunity appears…and your heart will either constrict or close if it’s not a true offer for you. Because everyone is different and we all have differing beliefs, consult your wiser side. DO NOT make business decision when you are upset or clouded…or extremely emotional. It’s best to wait until you are completely calm.

* The best business decisions will stand the test of time…and there will not be an immediate deadline to make a decision. Avoid 24 hour decisions unless you’re mostly clear about what you are choosing.

* You should NOT have to spend more than $100 – $150/month doing this! In some cases, you can do it for less.

* The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make online is that they don’t give themselves enough headroom…and they don’t take the time to learn what’s required. Find out how to zero in on a hot, open market, find messages that are unique and compelling, and verify that the people you market to will pay for what you have to offer.

* Your business will take time to first appear online, and it will take time to attract willing buyers!

Have a steady cash flow to get you through periodic up’s and down’s. This happens to everyone. If you are in need of a proven network who knows how to get the job done, I have solid people backing me. I can refer you to people I have personally tested over a 5-year business period.

Now…let’s go back to blogs.

What Blogs Are, Why They Work, and How You Can Earn $$

Blog is short for web log. It’s basically a starter place where you can put posts online. These posts are mainly designed to build quality links leading people to your website. They can attract readers…but more commonly…the blog helps you establish an early online web presence. Blogs can be used to generate leads. They can move affiliate products…, and more.

NOTE: Try not to get into a bunch of paid online services UNLESS you know what you’re buying. If you’re in a situation where you have to learn what you need to make a successful go of it online, keep your day job going strong…and stick to your set budget.

If you have to buy anything, I usually watch a service or product for a few months, I check my proven networks to find out what they know, and then I make a purchase at year end (October, November, December). When I personally buy any educational reports from any Internet guru (MLM or otherwise), I will not go beyond $17 – $27. I AVOID multiple thousands of $$’s in cost because most often, top gurus are selling you systems of startup that are not fully supported. Many of the things sold online to the “make money from home” market aren’t worth their weight in copper…let alone gold.

When you are new to moving online — you will want access to people who look at your work and offer feedback. They will help you find what you need, and they will be there on a daily basis for regular interaction. It is very important that you have steady, positive support.

2) Start with FREE means long enough to get the ball rolling

* How dedicated are you to building your own business…whether it’s an organization in an MLM, an affiliate, consulting, or your own thing? Whatever your needs, you’ll want to consider blogging.

A) Places like and do NOT cost you anything to get started.

* As you take steady action, you will attract people, information, and help to you.

The main thing is to keep your daily intentions set on attracting HONEST, forthright, positive people who will be completely open with you. They will NOT sell you a ton of things leading you no where. That’s important.

Your intention before you start any business day should be, “I now attract to me the most reliable, trustworthy people, events, information, tools, techniques, and education supporting my highest, most loving good”. This means that you will attract other successful business owners coming to you readily. If any business decision proves to be entirely good for you…, it will also be good for all others.

** Drawbacks of working Blogger or are that you do not own your content outright.

This is because… as you start free blogging, that platform (blogging tool) is owned by the company (Blogger and WordPress).

ONLY publish basic content on your free blog.

Keep your most sensitive content reserved for your website. Charge for access to that content. In time, you will know what this content includes. The key is to take action, be confident, and learn as you go.

B) Blogs give you time to build your confidence online as you write/publish content under your name, and they help you build long-term credibility. They also help you build quality links (called backlinks) leading people and other entrepreneurs…including the Google bots that crawl your site (so that it will appear on Google’s index…page 1).

C) No one can tell you what to publish.

You have total freedom to determine what the content on your blog will be. This is a good way to test content before it appears on your website.

* As long as your content does NOT mention company specific details or names of brands, you can market as many different companies as you wish online…all housed under your roof! This tip protects you from lawsuits, plus it protects corporate trademarks and copyrights.

* Your own content will be the most valuable aspect of business promotion. You have a great opportunity to market your name in order to build your own loyal following. This freedom cannot be underestimated because people will only buy from you when you are a true and genuine authority on whatever it is that you are promoting.

D) When you start with FREE blogging, you’re figuring out what you want to market most. You will also figure out who will attract to your fold (willing, steady, repeat buyers).


Again…you don’t own your content outright. Online, we call this using someone’s general domain ( and

When you eventually get your own domain, it will become the address listing of your business online, working much like the address on your apartment or home. The domain costs very little to own…for as much as $7 – $13/year !

You want to get a domain as soon as a phrase makes sense to you. This way, you can age that domain so that Google will view it as a viable (working) domain.

Your eventual website will appear under that domain, or in the very least, it will carry what’s called a landing page (where you will later build your own unique products). This is NOT as hard as it sounds, but you have to start with simple marketing basics.

Another Major Drawback To Free Blogging

Final considerations for using VS. not using FREE blogs or moving towards getting your own independent website is that if you don’t know what Google wants in a blog, you can lose your account. This ONLY happens when you’re hitting people with continual offers rather than giving them helpful content they can readily use. Content can lead to paid offers…but that content should help people see what they need and can use, and it should basically tell them why.

What Blogs Do To Earn $$

They are great for someone who is sitting in business startup. Like any tool you first use, you will have to be patient with your writing. Blogger and WordPress require some setup to get first posts going. If you stick with the general settings both companies offer, you’ll be okay.

It takes time to get some content on your blog, and it takes time to know what people are looking for, and it takes time to build value into that blog. As people go to your blog and read it, it will carry a value especially if they buy something from you! By putting value on your blog, this means that you will be able to market various products/services on that blog for $$’s!

When you start your blog, you will want to connect it to the social networks online. I mention Facebook, Twitter, and other sites you like best. I do NOT recommend My Space. It’s a network best designed for musicians.

** If you are marketing your own unique business, you want to focus on branding and building your name…as it leads to a following.

** If you are marketing an MLM, you DO NOT want to move people directly to the corporate website because you are essentially giving your business to them. You want to keep people on your blog, long enough to come back for more help. In this way, you can begin to build your own list of qualified contacts.

** If you are marketing affiliate products (other companies already online), you still want to build an independent blog of your own. This preserves your list…and it gives Google what they want — rich content to be found on a blog paired with a matching (but not identical) website. When you have both, you can really play with the big dogs!

** You NEVER want to sell your list of contacts to anyone…for any reason. This is a major rule designed to protect you. As you may know, your success is based on the quality of leads you attract and build relationships with. NEVER give your list of contacts to other MLM folks. They will cross recruit that list away from your own organization. Like it or not, this is a very harsh reality.


Feel free to offer your suggestions, comments, or feedback. By sticking to a monthly operating budget, you will save your $$ for online advertising to generate laser-targeted inquiries.

* I can offer you a complete blogging platform that meets most business needs readily and easily. You DO NOT have to start a blog from scratch. You can access templates made just for online business owners. You can tap into countless thousands of content-related articles and sites already designed by successful people I already know. I will never recommend someone to you that I don’t completely trust myself. If you want to find out how you can own your own blog that is self-hosted on a very popular blogging platform, contact me directly through “comments”.

Stay tuned for more updates on blog Do’s and Don’ts, Building A Successful Website, and more!

Toasting Your Success Online….Absolutely,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher/E-Publisher

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