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Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs,

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My program is designed to help you effectively write articles showcasing your own business…but better still…it’s a low-cost way and FREE source of online traffic (people who want to know more about you)!

You do NOT have to pay for expensive advertising.

In fact, your greatest chances of success imply that you will operate your online business using a lean budget! Save your cash for the things you will really want — hosting your blog and getting people to it! More about that in later articles.


In earlier posts, I talk about the need to get your own domain and blog going as a first action. Some people ask me if they can just use the free version of, but it’s not where you want to stay for long because 1) you don’t own your blog outright (because the free domain name is owned by If you don’t know what a domain is, is the free domain adding your name to the end of that domain followed by a forward slash, 2) you can’t update your blog and archive it to your own computer; and 3) Google has strict rules about not putting things like affiliate links into your content. Affiliate links appear when there’s some product you’re moving for another company, for example, and this link will carry the company’s name plus your affiliate i.d. (which can pay you small or large commissions depending on what you’re moving). But… too many of these types of links can result in account closure of your free blog…resulting in a missing blog!

Bottom Line: You want to have your own private domain name ( + your own private blog.


Let’s face online business squarely. Google wants you to do things their way so that they can easily index (show people) how to find your site when they enter your name into a search bar. Google likes it when you have a blog and website that match (or work together). These 2 items work like the house or apartment you live in. If you’re want to build a strong, profitable business, you must have a strong foundation in place… just so that you can handle inquiries, Q’s, and business flow.

Here’s a golden nugget — Think automation !

What new people to e-business don’t know is that your business can run on autopilot once you set up the starter things…again…like your own private blog and website.


You will need a way to get Google’s attention so they’ll put you on pages where people can easily find you. What I mean by that is this — if you run your own search online for a favorite website, you will not usually scan Google’s listings going beyond page 1. This means that in order to be seen by lots of eyes, you are after what’s called a high Google ranking. You can earn a high ranking for FREE using articles you write and submit to what’s called an article directory.

A directory is a place like If you check out ezines, you will see that there are website owners who write their own content. What this content does for YOU is this: 1) show your name by the article you write…and 2) position your business website for others to check out.

SO…, what you will need is this:

* LOTS of articles to grab and hold peoples’ interest
* PLENTY of high quality backlinks leading people and Google’s (bots) called spiders back to your site
* These back-links add weight to your blog and website so that Google will rank you naturally…

Is that NEAT????

You bet…and it’s done so you can get the FREE traffic!

BONUS TIP: Webmasters who don’t like to write content can borrow your content! This gives you a great chance to spread the word about YOU and your biz faster. Those of us succeeding online call this “viral marketing”. It’s a simple term that says someone borrows your article and then another person borrows that same article again. It’s exponential advertising at it’s best!

Your E-Business Is Like A House Online

1) Your domain serves as an address on your house

It tells you where people can find you.

2) Your website is your home where it holds your furniture

Your furniture would be things like shelves (for digital archives), files others can get to find out more about you, audios, videos, bonus offers, discount coupons, and more.

These pieces of furniture “stimulate and build further interest” online.

When people see an interesting article on your site, they will want to see what you offer.

You will need links that take people to offers/services. It’s basics like that that you’ll need.

So your website (which can also be a blog) serves as a way to continually attract new readers. It’s a place where people can interact. It’s a place where they can tell you how to reach them. It’s a place where you can email them back by offering help and recommendations leading to product purchase.

So as you think about your e-business as on online home, it must have a solid foundation and support beams.

To build on that business, when it has these things in place, you’re better positioned to expand growth.


Your action plan will involve several aspects of campaign management. It generally involves finding and appealing to an audience big companies don’t care about (because there’s not enough profit in that audience for them)…, but the audience has a definite, hungry need for what you offer. They’re large enough for you to get you paid consistently over time.

Simply stated, your campaign has to be built so it work the right group and it withstands growth, it carries increasing value (website worth), and it withstands anything (like the changing times with Google …, including changing markets and economies).

Secrets of Online Marketing Gurus Use

This arena is chalk full of people who claim to share their “inner secrets” but don’t. It’s sad and true.

What these people do is put you on a continuity program where you’re doing nothing but purchasing from them…, but you never really get into the heart of what you need (like how to build the list of people who repeatedly buy from you, how to communicate with that list so they’ll follow you, or how to work that list so you can repeatedly find out what they want and will buy).

Inside of my Mad Marketing Course, there are exclusive reports we’ve paid massive amounts of money to obtain so feel free to click on links! You can set up your business using a realistic budget!

I have campaigns also linked inside of that course that show you how things can work online. It’s pretty slick but you’ll see…weight loss, Internet marketing education, successful article writing and more about finding helpful content you can use. You’ll see WHERE you should submit your content.

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Toasting Your Success Online Using Superaffiliate Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA

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