Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepeneurs!

Today’s post addresses something I help others with frequently. Whenever you’re facing change, there’s always fear involved.

I’m going to give you an exercise I use daily…and it works.

Every morning when you awaken, your subconscious mind is still active. It tends to carry a lot of negativity.

I’m going to ask you to use this affirmation every day. On the days that you forget, your negativity will rule and your ego will prevent you from moving forward.

You have 2 aspects of a business psyche:

1) You have a CEO mind that wants everything done NOW

2) Your domesticated self called the employee wants to also have breaks and some downtime

Honor both.

You cannot build an entire enterprise online in just 6 short months.

You can build your first campaign within that time. Be willing to give a year…or two…or more.

Your success should be taken at your own pace — NOT someone else’s.


I intend and now move beyond the limitations and fears of myself.

I intend and now move beyond the limitations and fears of others.

Watch what happens.

Anyone who lingers in your reality who is entirely pessimistic, you don’t need them.

Be positive with others.

Moving Past Irrational Business Fears

Why listen to me?

I work directly with superaffiliates. I hire the ongoing expertise of people who have been in Internet business (called Internet marketing) for well over 30 years of combined experience.

They share what works.

I in turn…share what works…based on what we know works at the time, as it works best with Google.

The Internet is always changing.

What worked two, three, or five years ago may not work very well today.

The Internet is slowly becoming more integrated. As long as you have companies that will NOT collaborate and will only maintain their secrecy, you get a watered down result.

Collaboration is very powerful. When you bring hard-working people together in very active ways, and all work to assist one another, they step into their full mastery.

You will struggle if you connect to someone who plays the part of “dictator”.


Google is always moving in the direction of more relevant content.

They want their search engine to work in ways consumers naturally think.

Your campaign must reflect HOW consumers think and adhere to the natural steps they take involving any natural purchase.

When you are new online, there is a very strong tendency to pull in elementary school methods your teachers taught you:

1) go it alone
2) do your own work and not compare notes
3) randomly look for help

These methods result in large cash losses amongst new e-commerce business people. Very little, if any, is recovered.

A, B, C Steps

By-passing the expertise of people who are making money online most earnestly results in trouble for you.


* They set up sites that are incomplete

* They target the wrong audiences unwilling to pay for that marketer’s services/products

* They build sites that don’t work

* They pay someone to build a site who has outdated skills or is ill-equipped to construct that site

* The best people who know how to build sites that work are ones who’ve been through the mill already

* They assume they know it all — this is the deadliest mindset that will stop you in your tracks

* They do not work with others well.

If you missed my FREE Mad Marketing course, it outlines starter steps you need to get yourself online using time and sweat equity.

You can do it!

Please head into my course to see what it’s about.

Inside of my Mad Marketing Newsletter, I share helpful business strategies designed to save you major time and $$.

I talk about outsourcing the right way.

I talk about what has to be done well.

I talk about how you get what you need done, leveraging products/services that DO work.


The 1st step you encounter in setting up your online empire is getting the right domain registered.

When you have the ability to move beyond your irrational fears, you will take the needed steps forward to attract new information, helpful aids & tips, and knowledgeable people to you.


What do I write?

You don’t have to be an English major.

Can you write what’s already been written online?

Most of us can.

Cite names or offer referrals whenever you can.

Always put your name on your work.

* Get plenty of help
* Buddy up
* Pull in 2 or 3 different marketing angles
* Have others read your content
* Family can be tough — if you have to ask them, limit their input because they will often criticize what they do not understand
* Go to live forums for interaction
* Google problems you encounter (but avoid making purchases)
* See if you can get the help for as little as possible

Using these steps will help to reduce your anxiety levels.

Again…keep a job going.

* Find a blueprint you can trust…, work it…, and be patient

* Align your strengths, weaknesses and skills to your action plan

* Pick an action plan that works for you

* You can build your business on one action plan.., but keep in mind that the best businesses use 3 and 4 strategies to build on that plan

When Learning

If you are absolutely short on patience at any time, get proper support.

* Please do not quit

* Once you start, be ready to learn and grow

Internet marketing is one of the most exciting careers available, but there is a learning curve.

* If you spend major time searching and digging for Internet tools to satisfy present but “urgent need”, please let me know that you’re searching.

Chances are, I’ve already found a specific (and inexpensive tool tackling a common need).

* You can leave a comment on this blog or contact me at:

I’ll get back to you asap.

* People learn best through doing
* You can spend years doing nothing while searching
* You can fritter away an entire fortune by buying everything separately
* Take baby steps forward
* Your earliest results will be rough because you’re learning
* The more you do it, the better you will become
* Taking no action is the same as stopping
* You can edit anything you don’t like at a later time
* Nothing is set in stone
* You can entirely control your campaigns and your business.


If you have this tendency, that’s OK.

Just don’t let it prevent you from moving into action.


Strong, persistent thought and action leads to amazing results. Even if you think you’re going it alone, as long as you help out others…, they will help you out!

It will happen.

If you want to learn how to create your own leads, we can do that.

If you want to learn how to build your empire using FREE traffic, we can do that.

If you want to absolutely hire people to build content for you, we can do that.

Letting your fears go makes room for your logical mind to strongly enter.

It’s in this way that you’ll attract and pull new but formerly hidden alternatives into your business plan.

You will need to be able to access archives, tutorials, and action plans.

Move away from marketers who are still relatively new. They can proof-read your content, but you want seasoned guides who will show you what they’re doing….5 years or more of online work.

Beware of some of the young kids appearing online.

Some aren’t so hot.

Some are amazing.

Just be sure to research, track, and ask others who the marketer is that you’re watching…BEFORE you buy anything.

Look for marketers who are certified in several areas.

Toasting Your Success Online Using Proven Marketing Means,

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher/Web Publisher

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