Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Welcome Fellow Internet Entrepreneurs,

I’d like to tell you who’s now joining us at super marketing levels. These are new folks moving online. If you’re a beginner who is saying, “Well…I can’t start here”. I will tell you firsthand — that’s not entirely true. If you are learning beginner content, all you have to do is get a bit more in-depth on that learning and you’re already sitting in superaffiliate realms!

The people who are appearing online are coming to us from many places:

* U.S. Air Force
* U.S. Navy
* Construction
* MLM (multi-level marketing or network marketing)
* Work at home moms and dads
* College students looking for additional work
* Laid off or downsized workers
* People facing job losses because of corporate automation and/or outsourcing to foreign shores
* Retirees
* Grandparents
* CEO’s scouting out new talent for their firms
* And more.

The 21st Century E-Marketing

Here is the real kicker. If you have ever been a part of multi-level marketing (MLM) and you have seen those same regulars standing on stage, the tables have turned. More people are profiting online when they obtain a proper marketing education. I will be the first to tell you that there never was nor ever will be a magic business builder bullet, but I can tell you that if you are willing to persist, you can create your dream job. Even in other companies, we have individuals transitioning online to operate their own businesses.

They May:

* Be visible offline
* Working quietly, generating steady and even massive business
* Be entirely working from their comfy couches, at home!

Online (Internet) Marketing Lagging Somewhat

2011 marketing updates indicate many e-book and special report vendors rewrite content that has already been written, without fully disclosing what they are truly doing. The idea is that if they can sell you basic content (taking you no further into profit than you are now), they will do so. Watch out for upsells where these vendors try to sell you one thing after another, long before you have determined what you need.

When you see a credible success blueprint, you will absolutely know it.

The best blueprints don’t promise results without diligent work. They will tell you like it is. You will also be able to read very specific instructions, telling you step-by-step.

Rehashed content is nothing more than a blurb of older content, written often by people who have never made any real money online. So you will NOT see specific methods helping you zero in on keywords that lead to product purchase, NOT will you see specific directions telling you how to specifically outline your business plan.

Online Systems

Many are outdated or antiquated in their approach.

Before implementing any success blueprint you encounter and purchase, you should be able to get into the heart of meaty content for less than $97. If you can do it for even less, all the better. Sometimes you can find a helpful report listed at a retail price of only $17 giving you more than some of these multiple thousand dollar guru courses. I will tell you this much citing direct experience.

You will see businesses using websites that do nothing for them. Some of the best websites to study are ones hosted by department stores. Some of the worst performing sites are sites distributors buy from network marketing firms promising them the moon. These sites are called self-replicating sites. If a website does NOT position only you as the expert or even have a way of storing important data you will need to operate your business, do NOT buy one of these sites!

If you ever need a website constructed, do NOT pay $10,000 for one. I have seen people pay this exorbitant sum and get nothing for their dollar.

A website can be very simple and do a lot. If it asks for peoples contact information (for private business purposes only), and if it helps to store that information into a back end database, then you have something. A workable website can be something as easily set up as this WordPress blog or the site can involve a few simple pages of ad copy (writing you see in print).


People pay major $$ for online advertising but what they will often get is a website which will not produce. It can be a site that sits out in the middle of the desert, looking fancy like a palm tree but no one knows it is there.

On this blog, you will gain access to some very rich content designed to truly help you put things in perspective. I will never offer you quick fixes or fluff. Additionally, in my superaffiliate marketing, I will talk about what has to go on a major website (rich content for one). I will talk about what has to appear on a blog so that it can be readily found by Google. I will talk about how it must work in order to attract, hold, and secure repeat customers. I will share what works as it has repeatedly been know to work over time.

I will never share passing fads with my readers.

Know E-Marketing Is Legit When It Is Done Well

There are a few areas I will briefly cover to tell you that these arenas can work, when they are marketed properly. MLM can work online if it is set up properly. Affiliate marketing can work …when it emphasizes strong relationships and clean, honest marketing. Adsense marketing can work very well, when it is set up correctly. These are but a few of many marketing methods used online.

Ponzie schemes are bad news. I will never recommend gifting programs, envelope stuffing, or survey filling. They rank right up there with the Nigerian Bank Scam. You can find this scam listed outright online by running a search (only to know it exists), but I will never recommend you use it.

In all of my marketing, I will only share ethical, legal marketing. If there is ever a fuzzy area of say…keyword research (for example), I will tell you directly that I do NOT use this keyword method. Better still, I will shy away from any practices designed to fool Google’s search engine (or any major search engine). We will only focus on the methods that DO work.

Now.., we’ve just cleaned house online so you will not advertise with any business opportunity you don’t outright trust. Walk away from “get rich overnight deals” promising you no effort on your part. Those people who claim to have it all figured out make money from your gullibility.

I will not encourage you to ever make wild health claims for your greatest juice product. I will not ask you to ever lead with get rich claims happening overnight. To do so will result in Google shutting your accounts down..and worse…de-indexing your site.

* The first reality is — no matter how many times you read from qualified marketers that “Internet marketing is real”, you don’t know that until you can ask through a proven network who’s guiding whom.

The Days of Quick Fix Marketing Are Ending

As far back as only 2008 – 2009, Google shut down 100,000 merchant accounts in an effort to clean out quick, get rich hucksters, MLM’ers promising but not delivering, and marketers using switch and bait tactics.


One of the things I felt when I first came online was this terrified feeling that I was working with the wrong people. You will work with some who do NOT work out. You will find some you absolutely trust.

Systems Are Evolving

What is happening now online is that top marketers are evolving their tools to make business set up easier, but also know they these people push so many new products on the market so fast that they can barely meet payroll. Top gurus own their own companies. They hire employees to do nothing but crank out things you can buy. Many times, these products cannot possibly deliver everything they claim to deliver. So in my blog, I will sometimes offer free methods you can use to offset these unnecessary costs. Many talented marketers have commented that their primary challenge was learning what they had to learn just to work the tools.

What I’ll do for you on this blog is put you in touch with the best people, networks, and systems I have personally tested. My major rule of thumb is to use what is low cost first, and then if I am feeling overwhelmed, outsource some of the work too.

If you are concerned that you do not know some coded language, there are W.I.Z.Z.I.W.I.G. (what you see is what you get) editors that can be take place of intensive coded languages (html and java) to make your life much easier.

I will not ask you to pull in systems that are meant to be operated by a handful of people. As a person working from home, the best business blueprints keep only YOU (1 worker) in mind. These are the types of success blueprint systems you will ever want to access. Reason 1) You can implement them within reasonable periods of time…, and Reason 2) You can get the results you want (get paid)….and Reason 3) You can scale your business upward. Any blueprint that does not deliver these 3 things should be sent to the trash can.

Tackling Online Fear

You will feel some fear until you form some relationships you can trust. Be tenacious…, be persistent, ask a lot of questions, and know that you will be able to access many people who can help. You certainly won’t have to scratch your head and wonder. The best success blueprints spell everything out for you, step-by-step.

I will put you in touch with massive numbers of talented people so you’re not struggling to find a proven network of Eagles!

Check my blog post, “Guru Claims Beat”.

Wonderful People Exist Everywhere

There are gurus who shortcut newbies mainly because they have to meet payroll, but the general online rule is this:

Offline, you find wonderful people. You meet a few who are OK. You meet some you’d rather not know. And…, if you’re someone who excels every time you do something new, you will want to soar with Eagles. We just call them superaffiliates. In a group of 50,000, there are about 5. Those are the ones you want to work with. To get the help you need, it’s really no different online than when you are offline. You can get the help you need by finding someone at a counter. We use mail but you will have an active chance to meet many people before you contact them. That way, you will be in full charge of your situation.

You will always have options.

The good news is — this is one of the happiest realities online but you just have to hang in there long enough to get some basic learning under your belt, find out who you can trust most, build on those relationships, and work with others well. You won’t have to ever work with a jerk who’s clueless.

I Recommend

* Take your time, build relationships, test them. The best marketers are patient.

You want FREEDOM to ask any Q, small or big.

You want someone who will give it to you straight!

You want to be able to read content written by several marketers.

You want to be able to study campaigns so you can see which ones make the most sense to you.
Then balance the need to buy things before you know what’s truly required. Pair up this information with what you want to know: Q’s like — Do I build a blog before a website first? Can I build a website and a blog at the same time? Can I just build websites? Can I use affiliate marketing or pull in other ways of advertising my business? Or…, would I fare better by focusing my attentions on a bit of Internet marketing education for the time being? Those are the key questions you want to answer for yourself.

* Watch out for “continuity programs”. These are marketing systems that sell you one thing after another after another without actually revealing a proven marketing blueprint.

* I will say — a proven marketing blueprint system earning profits must do these basic things, regardless of what you’re moving:

1) Communicate to hundreds of people at once
2) Isolate and identify smaller markets
3) Not require a major, major learning curve.

Early Months Of Internet Marketing

A lot start and quit. The people I work with are encouraged to identify a plan they feel comfortable implementing. Keep the day job going while you are learning, and develop some skills that will get you paid

Also know that by working at your own pace, you will fare better.

If you read other areas of this blog, the primary aim is to:

1) Protect your general business interests

2) Let you know that there is major content already published online

3) Let you know that you can find qualified, caring people available and willing to help

4) Let you know that you can find what you need, when you need it, at prices you can readily afford.

Final Recommendations

* Start at pay as you go levels
* Build as you grow
* Take care of yourself
* Be smart with your money
* Don’t spend yourself out of business before you get a chance to know what’s involved
* Build into greater profits
* Reinvest early monies back into the business for greater upward scaling
* Outsource
* Get free time off when you want…but launch, grow, and expand.

Toasting Your Success Online!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher

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