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Welcome Fellow Online (Business 2 Business) B2B Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs,

In this blog, the single-most aim is to help you reduce operating costs and cash expenditures forfeited to gurus who would outlandish claims like getting rich quick fast.

1) Bookmark this blog for ongoing updates BEFORE you fall into traps aimed at work from home folks like options trading, online surveys, Nigerian Bank Scams, ponzie schemes, gifting programs, or even MLM’s altering payout plans right at the time you’ve figured out how to really play the game.

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Setting A Proper Business Tone

* You won’t read teaser content in my Mad Marketing Course

Your Main Concerns Online Must Always Be:

* About staying in business

* Getting it launched by setting up a solid working platform designed properly to move you into steady profit

* Understand why top online pros take the time to research what’s involved

* Find out why Internet Marketing education can save your life (and spare your wallet)

* Sample proven and FREE online advertising most e-business owners use for best, long-term business results

* Avoid those $200 fast track home study courses where someone poses as a long-standing profitable pro but will in reality, be a minor affiliate marketer.

A surefire sign that you’ve found one of these people is when he/she doesn’t return your email or money.

* Avoid learning that your only recourse following any online spending is to fill out a Rip Off Report

I’ve been there so I know what can happen to honest, unsuspecting people.

Now…, let’s get into some of the major things you will need to make a solid go of it online…all from working right from home on your comfy couch.

1) You will need your own domain name
2) You will need your own free blog for starters by going to

These are not the final resting places for your business. These are temporary domains (owned by Google and WordPress). Your starting goals are to get your feet wet and begin that business by attracting attention and building your list.

Back Ground Information

50% of the time or more, gurus move things you don’t need. Because some of these people operate major firms, they have to meet payroll. What they’ll do has more to do with them meeting monthly quotas.

* They give you business plans NOT geared towards helping the 1 or 2-person business

* They move what sells (what’s hot VS. what is essential to your success)

* They like to help others but often cannot (because of business pressures)

There are great marketers online too, but most of us early to online business make the common mistake of going to their websites (that are someone else posing as that major player).

* Always look for the official website of someone you are researching

* Always stick with the absolute best marketers.

Some Proven Names

Perry Marshall
Dan Kennedy
Terry Duff
Gino Niccoli
Yanik Silvers
Mike Dillard
Armand Morin
Alex Mendossian
Kevin Riley

Forget the Rich Jerk — His sites are demeaning and he teaches people illegal, profitable marketing that will lead to immediate Google de-indexing (of your sites). Even though he professes that he doesn’t use black hat, illegal methods himself, only associate with the best marketers.

Ewin Chia — Make sure you get his official sites or you’ll run into poser who are more likely his earliest students.

Travis Sego
Kyle & Carson at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Superaffiliates — Still few in number but very trustworthy

If you run Google checks on names and you see SCAMS, these are only marketing angles designed to move you away from a some other marketer into the arms of that lesser known affiliate. There’s nothing wrong with doing this. It’s sort of…an old, worn-out shoe when you begin to see how many ways you can advertise your name online.

If you see someone using the SCAM angle, make sure the affiliate marketer has major powerhouse content. Run Rip Off Report runs under various names to check complaints against any marketers. Some pass. Some don’t.

Follow your gut feelings…always. If it’s tight, listen to your intuition because it is most often correct. That person you’re researching may very well not be for you.

If you feel open when you’re researching another resource online, proceed using the FREE, 30-day trial versions. Try not to get hooked into buying a ton of software products you’re not yet sure you need.

Avoid buying nickel and dime services you’re not yet sure you need.

Just go slow.

Keep any monthly spending as low as you can.

Don’t accept the first product services offers online just because they read well in print.

Remember — your success boils down to your willingness to learn and use what you learn.

That’s pretty much it.

Consider Some Internet Marketing Education

While this blog will be devoted to offering reviews along product/service/guru review lines, I will also bring you updated marketing tips, legal but handy tricks, and time-savers.

If there is any product/service I review, it is only because I directly use it.

If there is any product/service I recommend, it is only because my personal (hired) marketing mentors tell me “This is what you absolutely need”.

DO NOT run out there and immediately buy Dreamweaver or knock your brains against the wall using Frontpage. Unless you’re a webmaster (pro developer) who works with code, there are friendlier software tools out there. In the coming posts, I will be talking about what I have been using as it ties into the direct needs of Internet business owners.

Your Business Is About You Owning Your True Power

Finally…, as you’ll pull in various tools, techniques, methods, and systems but it’s mainly YOU people will want!

It’s not necessarily what you use to get yourself going online, it’s the system and people you leverage.

It’s also how you work your action plan, and how you put yourself out there that counts most.

Will you be someone others can trust?

Will you be there for people when they need you?

Will you honestly help them get what they need, at prices they can well afford?

Here’s a bit more about why guru claims may not cut the final mustard.

* They will lead with greed
* They will tell you there’s no work involved
* They flash beautiful cars or some gorgeous model’s face
* They flash $$ at you
* They suggest fast money overnight

All these things do is trigger the greed in us.

* They will tell you “We’ll do all the work for you”.

If You Need Fast Money

Use the common approach. Pick up another part-time job or consider running a newspaper route to keep food on your table. At least you’ll get paid.

* When you are learning and building an Internet business, there’s time involved in knowing what to do and not do

* There’s time involved in figuring out how you want to proceed because there are different action plans available online that lead to different results

* Some plans are very sound

* Some plans only present filler content but don’t tell you specifically what must happen in its precise order

Extra Pointers About Learning How To’s:

* construct active websites for businesses
* set up a blog for pay or that pay
* write strong ad copy (ad messages online)
* construct sales pulling videos
* write effective articles that get noticed
* build a list that targets a prime audience
* work a list so it responds
* zero in on keyword phrases that pay
* monetizing websites using different pay methods

* list management for best customer retention
* profitable niche finding
* affiliate marketing and/or product creation
* merchant system management
* professional recruiting
* writing articles for pay
* writing articles to freely advertise your business
* Pay-per-click advertising
* And more.

These are specific skills trained people do online. Gurus claims do one thing. They are designed to get your $$.

These points I mentioned above are true ways you can work from your own comfy couch, but they require special efforts designed to tackle a major area of expertise.

Why Do I Need Online Business Education?

1) Gurus already have many people beat in the ‘learn to earn’ market
2) Gurus build the “next best thing”
3) Gurus will hit you with their latest and greatest launches without giving you what you’re after…pay from home


* CompoZer (free website builder…open source…it takes time to work it)
* Free online research (pull up your favorite websites, look at the content, rewrite content in your name but try to also add unique, helpful ideas)
* Publish your content at ezine
* Check out Jing
* Pull in
* UTube
* (Free 30-Day Trial Version)

These tools get you going without reaching into your pocketbook.

What About Networking Online?

This phase of my business stumped me for a good year. Don’t worry. I did the work for you! I found…$30,000 later…the best people to work with.

Internet Marketing Education

You can leverage the power of hundreds of 1,000’s of people — sift and sort through some of them until you find the superaffiliate marketers who work their businesses honestly.

They will NOT make gurus claims about getting rich fast.

They will NOT tell you that you don’t have to do any work.

They will tell you that you will have to work diligently to create lasting success.

They will tell you what you DO and DO NOT need.

They will save you countless thousands.

Your Online Skills

You are after several of the skills I listed above to get the job done for pay.

If you are someone who wants to read the sign that says, Short cut here. Exit Right! This is NOT the blog for you.

Is the Online World Right For Me?

There are some challenges you will face no matter who you pull in for help. This is because you will have to change how you scale your business upward as you start to grow. Other phases of business growth require additional levels of skill.


* issues get resolved right away
* issues take more time to answer because they are more intricate
* you’ll ask a Q and we’ll miss it because we’re answering everyone else (it might take as long as 4 days to get back to you, in worst cases… but in best cases, you’ll get a direct response within 24 hours)
* Sometimes, specific tools you later add will have to be better adapted to keep Google satisfied.

Give Your Success Time to Evolve and Grow

* Internet business owners use what’s called direct response marketing

* They put a message online

* They target a specific audience who possesses a very strong need for what they want

* They ask you to take specific steps

* They close business

That’s direct response.

When you pull in direct response methods, you don’t need schemes that only create trouble.

* If you market an MLM, it will be because you have the systems in place to move products people want

* I will not ask you to promote a business opportunity on your site because Google will de-index that site

* I will only promote the highest quality step-by-step systems I have personally tested, used, and taught…spelling out many details.

* I can show you how to negotiate business closings

* I can offer simplicity and clarity

* I can show you how to scale your business upward.

If any system online does not meet these needs, I will discourage you from buying them.

I will ask you to conduct careful research and make choices benefitting you and others involved with you.

Toasting Your Success, Superaffiliate Style!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher/Web Publisher

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