Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Welcome Online Entrepreneurs,

I’m going to talk a bit about websites in general terms, at MLM, Affiliate, & Superaffiliate Levels:

There is an eventuality in online business. You don’t have to start out with A website, but it makes life a lot easier if you move later in that direction.



1) It doesn’t cost you anything but time
2) You need time to test content people will want (and pay for)
3) You want to keep your monthly operating expenses to a minimum
4) You want to be sure that the target market you’re working is your true passion
5) Then you get a website.


This website is a blog that uses WordPress Direct. It is a self-hosted WordPress, not to be confused with the FREE version of WordPress where they own your domain outright. If you don’t know what a domain is, that’s OK. Just know that blogging is a great way to get started online!

MLM Levels — Can be tricky because an upline will tend to sell you a website that’s integrated into the corporate website. The company will tell you what you can and cannot do. They will give special considerations to people who have generated the most sales. Therefore, the top dogs do not have identical websites that you do. If they are very advanced, they will own independent websites. This is true because true independence means that you have full freedom to move any MLM product/company you most desire. You also carry the main responsibility for getting all work done. The point is — you’re free.

Affiliate Levels — This means that you are working a campaign where you are building the number of people who access your site.., you are building names who want to get more information from you, and you are building a following of people who may/will be prepared to follow your recommendations. It is at this level where many different products (tangible or digital) are moved. You put people in touch with things they want most to solve very pressing needs.

Superaffiliate Levels
— This means that you are building that campaign upward…or scaling it up to include larger numbers of people wanting products/services from you…based on the help and value you already provide. At this level, people know you are an expert.

Do I Need My Own Website & Which Level Do I Work?

Let’s keep this explanation simple too. People come to me and ask, do I need a website?

If you’re moving MLM — you need your own website. This is because you are NOT acting as a separate business until you have your own unique web presence. That means that any website you buy from your MLM will be a common website tens of thousands of other distributors already have. It makes it tough for you to advertise yourself as an unusual resource if everyone looks like you. This statement holds true for affiliate (online marketers) who build websites appearing the same.

At superaffiliate levels, websites are customized.

Your main objective is to get a website that is different! This will most likely be something you evolve towards, as you master your audiences.

What About Small Business?

You need your own website.

Can I use one anyone makes for me? Yes.., if the webmaster has an intricate knowledge of Internet marketing (online marketing at what’s called direct response levels)…and knows what the major elements on that site must be (so that Google will highly rate, rank, and index that site). In simple words, that means that Google looks for certain things that appear on a site to make it visible to people wanting your products/services.

What’s the Bottom Line?

No matter what you are moving online, you must have the ability to generate your own list of qualified, targeted leads. In MLM realms, you’re looking for people who want what you have. In affiliate and superaffiliate realms online, you’re looking for people who want what you have.

* Find the hungry market
* Build a responsive list
* Build the relationship
* Build trust
* Ask them what they want most and give it to them.

Because there are many phases of marketing involved in setting up a successful online campaign, you must have a way to interact with people.

Your website ensures that you can do that. If not, your website won’t work.

You must be able to post updated content — content you can modify at any time.

In MLM realms — websites that are sold only allow you to modify small amounts of content…, or if they give you some type of system where you can write/edit your own content, you must have full freedom to create the content people want.

In affiliate/superaffiliate realms — For affiliate marketing websites, the content will vary depending on the breadth and depth of that material. If it’s Internet marketing education being taught, affiliate content will be introductory and basic. At superaffiliate levels, the content will reflect intensive marketing efforts. That content can involve intricate market research.

If a small business needs a website, it must communicate with people, offer helpful advice, include recommendations/resources, and build in product offers.

The same idea applies to MLM independent websites/affiliate websites/superaffiliate sites. They must relate to people in interactive ways.

If any web master asks you for $10,000 to build a website, you can e-mail me for a review. I will happily offers suggestions/alternative recommendations. Be careful. Do NOT pay this sum if your website won’t at least offer someone a FREE report and some FREE starter content!

Toasting Your Success Online,

B. Brinkmeyer
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher

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