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Hello Fellow Internet Marketers and Entrpreneurs!

Welcome and congratulations!  You found my site. This could potentially be the SMARTEST and WISEST business decision you’ll ever make! 

My name is Barbara Brinkmeyer. I live in sunny Colorado with my husband and 16-yr.old son. I have been online for 5 years working with various direct response marketers, learning the in’s and out’s of successful business marketing. Before I tell you how I got here and why I recommend how best to proceed online, be sure to fill out your name and email using your most accurate information.

*** If you are not serious about building your own online business whatever it may be, this is probably not the site for you. I do work with the most dedicated, integrity-bound people who are focused on real success.

Now.., if you’re ready to start your first step on the path leading to real success, let’s get started!

What To Avoid Online

Admittedly, I bought enough downloaded reports, DVD’s, and promised success systems to float a barge! $13K later, I finally realized that what I was missing what pure marketing education + the knuckle-down attitude required to succeed. That’s pretty much it.

Please don’t pay $20 for some report supposedly offering you millionaire secrets in 5 easy steps. The truth is — it takes time, persistence, and plain ole’ fashioned saving to build a millionaire lifestyle (not really living fancy but have real investments which generate monthly interest). The steps involved in building true wealth mean 5 simple things: 1) learn and master what’s involved, 2) study your markets, 3) tap into marketing that works time and time again, 4) develop a loyal and responsive following, 5) build lasting relationships leading to that success.

What You Can Expect On This Blog

* Your contact information remains confidential
* I don’t spam you so I’ll ask for the same in return
* Ongoing content designed to help you connect major dots
* Recommendations and reviews
* An ongoing newsletter with Insider Secrets (one that you’ll have to join to get the skinny).

So…, if you’re okay with what I’m saying so far, you can expect to gain exclusive access to my Mad Marketing Course just by leaving your most accurate contact information. No one will be bugging you on the phone or ask you to join a program you don’t need or want.

5 Years R & D

I’ve paid thousands and thousands of $$’s to get the content that really works! By researching different online training programs, most lead me towards information that didn’t do much.., or offer only a partial tidbit of what had to be done, only to lead me further into “yet more purchasing”. That’s why I finally joined a superaffiliate program.

My Mad Marketing Course is designed to show you integral aspects of Internet Marketing (IM) as it satisfies the tough rules at Google. If you don’t have a budget for advertising, that’s okay. There are legitimate workarounds you can use to generate your own traffic (inquiries)…and it cost you a dime!

Whether you’re an MLM’er, affiliate, or independent, my course is geared towards entrepreneurs coming online. They are all business owners, but my course is not about being Mad. It is about passion. When you learn what superaffiliates do and actively teach, you will need a serious attitude, bring an open mind, learn, and apply. You can protect yourself online using legal, ethical, and right-minded advertising means.

Insider’s Peek Into Superaffiliate Marketing

So what is a superaffiliate? These are top people online marketing anything you can think of, depending on the expressed needs of their clients. Products may range from delivering a business its own fully functioning website, to performing a service a business may need to make a solid go of it online. Additionally, superaffiliates may move products suited to weight loss or anything you can imagine. In Internet marketing, you don’t have to be tops in your class to become an affiliate or superaffiliate, but you will have unlimited opportunities to market other peoples’ products/services. That way, you don’t have to create your success entirely from scratch.

Superaffiliates later learn how to create their own products/services, but they do so after they’ve mastered core basics (of direct marketing). If you look at ads going back as far as 150 years ago, you will see similar ads that still work today!

Superaffiliates lead the pack. You can become one right off the bat. Unlike many industries, they make you start at the bottom. Online — you only need to see what works and then do it. You don’t have to be a master web developer. If there’s something you need, there are networks of people communicating daily. You can outsource work you’re either not sure handling, or you can hire out the work from people I can recommend. NOTE: I will never recommend someone who can’t do the work well.

Superaffiliates can be involved group development of cutting edge marketing, but they will generally run their own independent businesses marketing affiliate products/their own products/and more. They can sometimes work with a test group (beta testers) to tweak and refine membership websites helping new affiliates…, or they will own a series of campaigns online building towards larger profits.

*** As a new affiliate, you can grow in many different directions, but we suggest that you just start with one simple campaign. Over time, if you like online business, you can grow your campaigns into the hundreds and thousands! You can target many niches with many websites. You can grow your income in ways you’d never imagined!

If you start at affiliate marketing levels, you can market your MLM + affiliate products! This gives you the added freedom to not only scale your campaigns up, but you can supplement your income while you are building your MLM organization. This is something the top dogs may not reveal (because they do it too).

You don’t have to work with a team. You will always have freedom and options to make your own best choices.

I do not associate with people rip off the public. I will not recommend someone I don’t trust myself. I work with people who are dedicated to helping others so that others get what they want — a business they can be proud of…working that business on their terms.

You’ll get an Insider’s Peek into my “Superaffiliate Mad Marketing” course…where I teach others very precise online marketing staples successful businesses use. I will cover things you can do that don’t cost you much (other than time and effort). If you choose to work the Mad Marketing Course for FREE, it is yours… without obligation…as a way of saying thank you for visiting me!

In my Insider Secret’s newsletter, I expose you to behind-the-scenes secrets superaffiliates may not always share…like outsourcing content without having to write it yourself…or writing some content yourself and asking a team of pro’s to do more work for you…plus more. I will make recommendations from time-to-time.

You won’t have to spend $13K (like I did) trying to get to REAL PEOPLE who will honestly tell you what they’re doing. Those people are already here…waiting for you. You won’t be obligated to do things you don’t want to do. You won’t be obligated to purchase something indefinitely. You will always have full control over your campaigns…even in advertising!


Another word about the super gurus online. Many hit your panick buttons by triggering your “I gotta have this or I’ll lose out feeling”. It’s an illusion, and it’s a common marketing angle I don’t recommend my folks use. In business, I’ve repeatedly taken an honest stance with folks to tell them what’s good and what’s helpful.. VS. what’s not going to get results. If you are open to this news (even in MLM), I can tell you what’s helpful (like owning your own blog and eventual website).

I’ve done much of the MAJOR testing for you. You don’t have to risk a nickel. I can tell you who’s who..and who’s solid. I can tell you which marketers teach precisely what they actually DO and EARN $$ with! What a refreshing concept!

Everything I share is set up to make your marketing process as painless and cost effective as possible.

If you’re in network marketing, we go beyond your warm market. You don’t have to chase family or friends (keep them on your dinner list). We move you forward with ease in ways you could not imagine!

In my supportive networks, I offer exclusive access to publishing circles the massive marketing public does NOT have. In this way, you achieve top indexing (listings with Google) when you write your own content.

* You don’t have to conduct presentations in person or on the phone
* You don’t even need the phone!
* If you want to use the phone to guide your own associates, that’s another deal altogether.

You have options when you pull in the phone to work your local markets…or you can do a combination of things.

* I do teach automation!
* Work something once, publish it, and let it work for you when you are truly on vacation or even resting.

This works because the Internet exists. Once you publish a final draft, it’s out there working for you years on end! But…there’s a lot more than just writing online. There are things you have to do on the back end to ensure your automation is complete.

You will need to devote at least 2 hours/day, 4 days a week…maybe 5, BUT you have the freedom to set your pace. Many adults are absolutely inundated managing life in general, so if you tell me, “Hey Barbara! I can only devote 3 days a week or only 1 hour a day…is that OK”? You bet. All you need is the desire to make your life better, realize your ultimate dreams, and get the work done. Once you know what’s involved, it’s only a matter of keeping your business name out there.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself is to be consistent and passionate about whatever it is that you’re moving.


I am a 4th degree black belt, certified instructor in the martial arts. I do write much of my content. What you will see on this blog taps into executive business management + some MBA stuff + direct response marketing content.

I sold my martial arts school in 2000 after operating it for 9 years. Then I completed the MBA. At that time, the market was slow so I came online. What I learned trumped much of my MBA education. In reality, much of what we’re taught by traditional companies works against Internet marketing! Online, you have to get used to thinking for yourself, process information, and interact with people. In traditional work settings, most of us are lead down a confined path usually leading to constricted work…or in the very least, we’re asked to give our lives away to fulfill the promise of firm partner. Online, you don’t have to do that. Once your campaign is set up, once it’s tweaked, and once your audience is responding, you’re set.

If any of us keep another job going, it is to realize our dreams online.

My first course of action online was to find people I could trust. Then I hired private coaches and mentors. Not everyone can do this, but I did focus on finding out what worked. You don’t have to hire private coaches to succeed but you do want to be able to visit with some of the pros. You can do this for a lot less than you’d think. From there, I tried various networks until I found one that really fit my personality. This is important. You don’t want to feel cajoled by people who only share incomplete information designed to keep you buying from them. You want to find a solid network that actually does give you the daily support you require. They have to be stable and around for years to come. They have to deliver what they promise. They will always give you opt-out’s in the event you don’t like something.

Over time, you will piece what’s required altogether. You can hire out some work, and you can do some of the work yourself. You can do all of the work yourself. There is no limit online.

I learned by doing. If I didn’t know what something did…I did it to find out…or I would ask someone for help. Now…I ask for a lot of help…continually. I never assume I’ve figured everything out. I do check in with the top superaffiliates if I either don’t know what’s truly key or if I think I may do something that Google doesn’t like (so my sites stay indexed).

I work with the top performers! I avoid folks who aren’t making a successful living. One coach I know spent $70,000 online buying everything from all of the major gurus only to discover that his true success meant he had to take an independent turn. I cite MLM membership as this person studied direct response marketing. That’s when things took a turn for the better.

I teach you to trust yourself.

I ask you to balance what you know with top people who are always performing. They are totally transparent and will not lie to you. What’s generally best for me will represent the highest good for others, whether they’re entrepreneurs and/or consumers. That means…if a top superaffiliate makes a solid living sharing his work with others, and I do the same, you can do the same. This is a halllmark principle guiding the New Economy. Those who work together and promote together do well together.

You will get content on this blog that you won’t get elsewhere.

Those of us who work at superaffilate levels access thorough industry information before we take a leap. I have countless reports that expand on marketing research and data for many different industries.

If you are a real estate agent, you can use this marketing to your supreme advantage! I can’t tell you how many agents (real estate or even insurance) falter because they don’t know how to generate their own list of qualified, endless leads. In 21st century business, this is fast becoming a “must skill”…truly stated because large companies don’t teach the “HOW” part.

The content you potentially learn in direct marketing can be taken into any corporation to benefit you at your current level of work.

At USAA, a major firm topping the best 100 companies to work for, one gal was being hailed for having created her own blog! This isn’t a big deal. But what she did do was pick a FREE blog, set up her content helping people financially plan some of their assets and they saw her as a genius. It takes a lot more than that to really get your business going.

I will always strive to bring you the best information possible, aligned to what the Internet is doing. Because the Internet changes rapidly, we have to stay on top of new changes as business owners….but it needn’t be a difficulty. By tracking this blog, I cover the things you need to know that no longer worked even 1 year ago. I cite Google rewarding businesses carrying very unique content on their sites. When you have lots of pages of rich content, you will do well. If you cut/paste content and place it on your blog or website, it can catch up to you. Always rewrite an article you find elsewhere and add your own unique spin….as you know the content best. Strive to be as accurate as you can, all the time.

Superaffiliates…when they are truly worth gold can show you how to develop your business. So…this isn’t just about business launch. It’s about ongoing success and continued growth! They represent the best of what we can offer at several business levels…moving from beginner affiliate to advanced affiliate…into superaffiliate marketing. My MBA credentials lend strength to the operational and managerial aspects of daily business, but whether your business involves just managing yourself, managing others, or tackling a combo of both, you will be well equipped to do so.

I will always ask you to promote the things you absolutely believe in. What you can’t entirely belief in is best left alone…not advertised with consumers. In this way, you keep Google satisfied, you protect your name, and you protect your business. My associates and I promote clean business. It is fully transparent…and no secrets are withheld.

My Prior MLM Crash Tests, 5 In All

During a few of my wilder decisions, I stumbled my way through 5 MLM’s!  Prior to that challenge, I had always been very successful. As an ongoing endeavor unfolding over a 15-year period, I can tell you — what a trial…and trail of tears it was. BUT…, what I learned about online work is that you can turn losses into profits!

You can take your MLM losses and turn them into gold! You can. The secret lies in the ability to write an effective message truly answering people’s woes…and it means effectively delivering on those needs at levels people happily pay out (as they realize what the value of your offer will be)!

Fast forward to present times where I met a handful of rock solid mentors I still work with today! Thank you Terry, Gino.., Mike and Jeff…Kyle and Carson, and Marcus! Marcus has been helping me test content that’s newly coming your way! It’s power packed and best of all, it is FREE! All of these guys have done very well with their MLM’s, superaffiliate marketing, and product creation.

If you want to meet any of these very dedicated and highly knowledgeable fellows, I can meet that need!

ANOTHER QUICK NOTE:  If you’ve been involved with a network marketing company, it is NOT your fault that you struggled! Most of the ads they give you are only suited to move corporate names. I know…it’s a shock…and you’re not alone! Their websites are self-replicated…meaning…hundreds of thousands of distributors have the same, indentical sites…so they don’t really stand out with Google.

We don’t want that for you. You must have a unique web presence and it’s not hard to do as long as you incorporate your life experience, and communicate sincere enthusiasm, knowledge, and added wisdom. There’s only 1 YOU!

If you’ve faltered in affiliate marketing, you may not have been given leading edge tools..or worse…they were outdated in a matter of only a few years. If you were, you did not know how to implement them. In other posts, I tell you what has to happen…and why. A person enters a search, you appear, and they come to you by asking for more information! It can’t get any better than that.

On this site, business owners visit this blog from an Internet marketing university online…so I am continually refining my messages. I work with them to isolate what they need. If there’s something already answering that question well, I will make a referral. If their needs mean that they must find out more about paid advertising, I will recommend specific information. If their desires involve pulling in e-mail marketing, then we’ll use a different ad approach. 

Try not not compare yourself to others.  Give thanks to anyone who taught you something valuable — whether it was positive or not…and watch out for the tendency to feel that you don’t know anything. It’s only your monkey mind asserting its control. 

Keep in mind that our brains can sometimes get in the way in order to control the show.

Our spirit is always there, urging us forward in good ways. Learn to follow your intuition even if everyone around you says “no”. If you can know that change CAN be a positive (not dreaded) thing, you will be put in touch with very powerful people! You could say that the Universe will bend over backwards to help you, as long as you follow natural laws.

If you’re saying, “Yeah but, Barbara…”I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t have an MBA.” That’s not what’s required. You don’t have to have a college degree to be successful online. You do need a burning desire to sincerely help others.  If you are still saying, “I really don’t know anything about marketing online so I won’t submit my information (correctly)”, or “I feel a bit unsure right now so I won’t even try”…or “Why should I trust someone else who will only disappoint me”…? Stop.  We’ve all have these experiences.

Isn’t it time to move far beyond old limitations (we got from our parents, teachers, and more)? You can learn with others who are moving beyond their fears, and you can attract awesome people to you who will entirely have your best interests at heart.

Do I Need My Own Website?

You don’t really need a major website just yet. I have solutions that are open-ended…meaning that you can sculpt you content to fit your product or service. You don’t have to be an technical expert because my superaffiliate contacts have already addressed that need!

Self Hosted Blog

Eventually you will want to have one…in the form of a self-hosted blog. You don’t have to kill yourself to get your first campaign up and running cause I’ve done major, heavy lifting for you!  My superaffiliate buddies have done the same thing and continue to do so. They pay out major $$ on their part to bring you something better.

Time Committment

* You will need to focus 2 hours a day, maybe 3, 4, or 5 days a week. 
* Don’t worry
* Everyone new feels a bit nervous — that will subside as you connect to us.

Having worked with thousands in the martial arts, I repeatedly succeeded with people when I gave them full control over any decision they made. I will do the same for you. I will not ask you to do something without offering you specific, concrete examples! I will show you where you can go to get what you need.

* Do spend your time on taking focused action
* Take things at your pace
* Take care of yourself and family, first and foremost
* Emphasize what you have done and can do
* Release what didn’t get done and pull it forward
* Work on weekdays if you like…and take weekends off!
* You don’t have to cross-recruit a single soul (if in MLM)!
* You don’t have to call anyone you don’t want to dial

Offer your best and keep your work going. It will pay off. Our goal is to get you online, show people what you are about, keep the word going on your behalf, and show them what you’re promoting. That’s it!

If there’s anything I might tell you about online marketing, it’s cool because I work when I am most motivated. There are some days where I don’t write much. There are other days where I write a lot.

How The Internet Works

The Internet is SO powerful…but you have to know what you’re doing.  Whether you’re a network marketer, someone in retirement wanting a new change, an affiliate wanna-be, or someone who wants to work from home or college by replacing your (former) boss or teacher, you can still learn and share your business. You can become your own CEO! You can develop real skills small businesses will pay for!

If you still aren’t, there’s no rush. Take your time. Keep tracking me. If you’re not sure about anything I’m saying, head over to a major retail website. The elements you will find there are elements I teach. Many employees are not taught this stuff because what you will potentially learn with me is that you can run your own business outright! Senior attorneys do this. They don’t share this news with their new associates (sad and unnecessary). It suggests that the market is limited …when in fact, it is not.

Major Room Available Online!

In future posts, I show you directly how to attract other powerhouses to you. I will always tell you the truth as I know it best at any given point in time. Then, I will show you how to ask them what they know so that you can assess consumer needs. This is about delivering to others what they absolutely want in exchange for paying you a fee.  Online, you can be a consultant. You can become a web developer. You can develop your own firm…anything you want is here.

There’s another myth we have to tackle.  

It is NOT true that you have to be rich to make a go of it online. If you have a computer, an Internet connection, and fingers to do the typing, you will be OK.

Internet Business Is Growing!

There are some online who say there’s not enough room left in Internet marketing…whether that’s MLM, affiliate, or independent advertising. It’s a myth designed to discourage you from realizing your own dreams.   The Internet is competitive. Whenever there’s a trend where many go online, we teach you also how to work “in quiet realms”. This is key.

You do want to very specific as you zero in on a smaller group within that niche…, but I will say that some marketers haven’t found their quiet fishing ponds. This is because they took shortcuts and did NOT learn what was required and stable. Many don’t know how, or they haven’t furthered their skills.  Online business doesn’t have to be this way.  If there’s anything you can do for yourself, pull in free advertising first, and take the time to learn what’s essential.  You’ll be glad you did!

Oh …and just a few more things.

4 Things You Must Bring to The Business Table:

1)  A strong willingness to learn
2)  Strength to reach out often and work with top people who’ve been there and done that
3)  Access a solid system (using a turnkey approach which is evolving because it saves you major time and lots of headaches). No one system will do everything, but you can simplify your start-up!
4)  Willingness to take action regularly

Apply what you learn through right-minded actions.  If you like ideas I’ve offered here…and you’re willing to give it a solid go, please keep your other job going until you know what’s involved online. Feel free to email me by listing the Top 3 Most Pressing Needs your business is facing and I’ll help wherever I can.

Toasting Your Success Using Superaffiliate Means,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher

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