Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Adding Accurate Contact Information


Hello Fellow Online Entrepereneurs!

One of the things I’d like to address today is the request for you giving me your accurate contact information. I invest by being here, there’s no short-cutting involved by building these massive campaigns. I put my time in honestly to bring you valuable offers, and more, but there are real human beings working on the other side of this screen.

One of the first things you’ll encounter when you move your business online is facing false submittal. It happens about 40 – 60% of the time…and sometimes more. I see your request for contact, I write a personal email to say hello…, and naturally hit a brick wall. If you’re serious about finding out how you can grow your business online by harnessing the net precisely and affordably, I would like to help… but I need some level of trust.

Don’t worry. You won’t be hounded…by phone…or by messages or by some personal recruiter asking you to join a club. We get enough of that from large companies, Heaven forbid.

If you’re not sure, it’s best not to submit your information. If you elect to join any online newsletter or rock group following, you can always opt-out (remove your subscription) at any time. I don’t spam people or share your information with anyone, and I’m serious about helping the public in reliable, decent ways.

Looking forward to helping you in the coming months ahead!

Thanks for understanding! Barbara Brinkmeyer.

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