Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

What’s List Building ?


Welcome Online Entrepreneurs. In this quickpress, I give you a general heads up addressing list building. The biggest mistake new marketers online make is not getting the names and emails of people to build a list !

One — major companies do this.
Two — you should too.
Three — it’s connected to your success online.

What the List Does

You can head to any major website or even department store site to see what I’m talking about. See if you can find a place where there’s room for visitors to leave their contact information.

Is this valuable for you as an online business owner? You’d better believe it.

How does the list work?

Bottom line is — the list allows you to set up valuable working relationships with people so you can market multiple products/services to that list.

Do companies teach list building? Absolutely not. This is very confidential information!

Your primary goal when you first come online is to figure out who you will attract in your marketing.

Your second goal is to share valuable content you know with others. Here’s where the list comes in handy.

When you communicate with your list, you are building in permission for people to contact you over and over again. When they do that, you will become the expert in whatever topic you’re marketing online.

Whether it’s Internet marketing or even network marketing, it doesn’t matter. Your main goal is to find out what people hugely need, find ways to serve that need, and find ways to capitalize that need. When you do this, you will be paid!

Stopping there to let you digest this content. More posts follow in the coming days and weeks ahead!

Toasting Your Massive Success Online!

B. Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher

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