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How Do I Build A Great Marketing Network?


Hello WA Buddies!

In the course of bringing you sterling service, it’s not enough to mention basics. It’s better to let you in behind the scenes to help you emulate and become the best possible marketers online!

Before I get started, welcome new buddies! I’m not always finding every one of you so I will apologize in advance. If you post your comments on my blog or write me a private email, I’ll be able to reply more easily.

Every person is important and every person is…as crazy as this sounds…special!

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Now…let’s get into the heart of matters and why you’re reading this blog. If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I build my reliable marketing network”? I will tell you right here, right now! It’s about learning from the best –to become very much like them and to be your own powerhouse marketer!

* This post addresses key things you’re looking for when you want to emulate the top marketers.
* I start with protecting your business interests online.
* I talk about what happens when you’re new.
* I talk about why latest and greatest product launches are not necessarily the best thing for you (residing outside of the safe enclave here). Then..,
* I tell you how to become your own best advocate so you only tap into the proven services and marketers (who make good on their offers when only practicing solid business ethics).

Here’s what I do to protect my online biz:

1) When we’re new, we are like crows in that we see the latest and greatest, “shiny thing” hoping that it will be the magic key…

but the reality is…your dedicated spirit, IM studies, and application = know-how bring you real success!

knowledge + right-minded action applied = wealth

In future posts, I talk more about what right-minded action means so please stay tuned for more help. I’ve paid the absolute best marketers online to bring you this content.

(NOTE: You’d think the gurus would teach this stuff, but they make major $$ selling the next best thing. Some may. Many many not. The best ones always do so please beware..and protect your pocketbook.)

2) To check whether or not an Internet marketing resource is even worth it’s weight in gold …(as they say), you’re looking to avoid the reality that some offer is more likely worth its weight in straw…

Use This Approach

If its far too good to be true – it most likely isn’t real.

If it promises to take out all of the work for you, look for limitations (by reading between the lines to see if you can spot what is not being offered but what you really want…; knowing ahead of time is to be forewarned so you’re not buying into programs only taking your $$…and they are out there)

If it promises wealth overnight.

If it does not fully disclose what’s involved.

If it pressures you to “only right now..and not even in 1 day” because it will be gone forever — this is not true.

When you’re looking at anything, check:

* Reviews

* Ask people in your buddy network if they have gone to this marketer? If they bought something, what was this marketers experience? Good…middle-road…not so great…still researching? Keep in mind — marketers can deliver something really great but the newbie didn’t apply it thoroughly. Ask about that result too.

* The “scam word” — is only another marketing angle affiliates use to get you to buy through their link…so if they are top, top marketers, you will see fewer offers coming from these guys.

* The best marketers online only move the most promising of tools bringing you better results (supporting your business success).

* Sometimes, top marketers make mistakes on a product recommendation, but they will immediate remove their email offers…telling you “this wasn’t a good idea for these following reasons”…

* Glen Livingston, Ph.D. is another solid marketer online (just watch him…don’t buy at high levels)

* Eric’s Tips — absolute master in email marketing — if you opt-into his free newsletter online…just Google Eric’s Tips…but know that everything he has embedded in his content is also affiliate stuff..and he’s good at creating urgency so you’ll buy. MAIN POINT BEHIND ERIC HOLMHUND – YOU SEE THE EMAIL SYSTEM AT WORK SO YOU CAN PULL IDEAS INTO YOUR CAMPAIGNS – THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT TO DOCUMENT – THE WHY’S, THE WHAT’S, THE HOW TO’S, AND WHAT FOR’S…

* GO OVER TO CLICKBANK TO CHECK ANY PRODUCT RELEASE – If it’s strong, it will be there in 6 months or a year or in 2 years! If it’s weak and full of hot air, it won’t stand 4 months. There should be low refund rates on any products you personally test and move so that you’re not miffing off people unnecessarily. That’s why we stick with the top marketers.

Always check clickbank.

If you don’t get insights there, pull up

1) Alexa shows you the website value (to spot the phonies who say they’re making millions when they haven’t turned a steady profit OR.., you will see people who are up-and-coming and who are great but they are not yet in steady profit so you’re keeping those 2 facts in mind.)

Weight your facts.

2) Pull up website value calculator to enter the name of the site you’re researching

Look at traffic — you’ll see it listed online.

3) Think like a private investigator so you will protect yourself and clients online.

4) Whenever you’re thinking about purchasing an affiliate product…go straight to the superaffiliate to see their direct promos…to verify what’s being moved (correctly by other affiliates). Sometimes this can be hard to do so that’s again…why we stick with top marketers…, but there are also great, great affiliates who are new and who are moving superaffiliate content. They should be rewarded for their honest efforts!

Again…weight what you see online. If you like someone truly and you know they are representing you and your best interests, then you can probably trust them with a purchase. If you find that you’ve bought something and you think it is absolutely awful, reverse your charges. Get your $$ back and don’t be shy about it!

Make sure no one is using your credit card account repeatedly without your permission.

Always check your credit card statements monthly to make sure all charges are in line with what you’re expecting:

A-Weber, domain name registration, web hosting, your Internet marketing education are okay.

Look for small amounts that are surprises and call the phone # by the transaction appearing on your statement if something isn’t right. DO THIS WITHIN 60 DAYS OR LESS OR YOU’LL LOSE ANY REFUND RECOURSE.

5) My job is to help you become very savvy…, and very discerning so that we’re tapping into only the best marketers’ information to take our businesses into steady profit…,

6) Roll out “Van, Cleef, and Arpel” diamonds…instead of K-Mart fakes.

Think…red carpet…sterling service.. and top quality marketing to become the best you can be! That’s what we want for you!

Toasting Your Success Online,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketing Mentor/Teacher

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